I'm glad we're both stupidly heroic

Now that people were back from Reasons They Couldn't Make Last Session, the rest of us filled those people in on what we'd been up to in the meantime, i.e. killing bloaters on a riverboat and freeing a bunch of oar slaves.

There was a CLUE and everything, pointing toward a hospital about a mile or so away, so of course we decided that's the place to go. (It probably doesn't help that it seems like three people in the group have either Heroic or Brave or both.) Going by boat through the swamp soon attracted them bloaters, who promptly started to try boarding our ship - or at least drag us down to their level.

In the end, to cut a long story short, traumas were got and we got to the hospital.

Courtesy of Monday 16 January 2017's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Odin's Table.

“Finland – they can kill you quicker than you can pronounce the town you’re in.”

“If you’re not gonna have regrets tomorrow, you’re doing it wrong.”
“I still live with you, so …”

“There were oar slaves.”
“Whore slaves?!”
“Oar! O.A.R.! My accent’s not THAT thick!”

“It’s not training if someone’s doing it to you. That’s modification.”
“I stomp out before I kill someone with my brain.”

“World’s a-changin’, ain’t no world of the jocks anymore.”

“I’ll convince your horse to jump off a cliff.”
“He’s more intelligent than I am, so …”

“You GENUINELY aren’t as smart as your horse, are you?”

“Does this thing have a lid or something?”
“It’s bottles inside a crate.”
“Sorry, I thought you handed me a bathtub.”

“I’ve heard of two left feet, I didn’t know it could be real.”

“You, sir, have had too much petrol to drink.”

“I literally survived the Armageddon for this.”

“If I’m his only friend then by definition I’m also his best friend. And his worst friend.”
“Stop making me think!”

“I’m counting the insults and that’s how many seconds I wait before I help you when the big bloaters come!”

“What are we rolling?”
“Nothing, you’re arguing. Carry on.”

“You can sense undead? And you waited until the boat was absolutely crawling with them to mention it?!”
“I was busy!”

“We’re relying on you here, don’t go dying of fear!”

GM: “It’s like surstr√∂mming with smelly feet, feces, vomit …”
Player 1: “Isn’t that what it normally smells like?”
Player 2: “Yes.”

“I have the blessing of Laquitia Jackson.”
“Is that one of the Jackson Five?”
“Yeah, the really angry one.”

“We don’t know what it does, but the bloaters are highly susceptible to alcohol.”
“We’re gonna get them drunk?”

“Chainsaw sword? That sounds very---“
“Safe. It’s a safe way of killing things.”
“I was gonna say ‘40k’, but okay.”

“Say please.”

“Oh my darling, oh my darling …”
“Oh my GOD we’re gonna die!”

“Some people just want all of the anklets.”

“I’m glad we’re both stupidly heroic.”

What happens in the hospital is to be continued! Finished off! One of those things!