Damn dice behaving like dice!

Our last instalment of Hell on Earth had us in a hospital. The one where they make those bloated zombies we've kept seeing. We fought the doctor who created them, although for some of it we were just flailing around at the zombies rather than being competent fighters ... oh well. At least we lived to tell the tale!

Courtesy of Monday 30 January 2017's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Odin's Table.

(John Hurt passing away)
“GODDAMNIT 2017, you were supposed to be different! This is how 2016 started!”

“At least you guys are fighting.”

“Damn dice behaving like dice!”

“You mean you’re using the things the GM gave you last session? What a radical idea!”

“My razor wit and burning sarcasm is the only comfort you get.”

“There are limitations to my powers, my friend.”
“That’s not what you told me last time.”

Road Warrior: “Could you go and get me those batteries?”
Templar: “Well, I COULD, but I can’t guarantee you’d be able to fit them or that they’d work.”
Syker: “I have chainsaws to cut them out!”

“It’s a good thing we’re in a hospital. It’s a bad thing we’re in THIS hospital.”

“You need friends. This is how they make them, apparently.”
“Ah-huh. Fuck you.”

“Ah well, roleplaying. Whatcha gonna do?”
“Not roleplay so well?”

That's it (at least for now), next up it's going to be Rifts!