This is the strangest GM-ing I've ever done

Further (mis?)adventures of a bunch of Victorian superheroes ... basically because during our regular Monday session there was just the three of us and we played the crap out of Joking Hazard and didn't take notes.

Courtesy of Sunday 25 September 2016's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Odin's Table.

“I don’t understand this strange desire to set up empires everywhere.”

“I can’t employ workers to exploit, so I’ll go to orphanages and recruit children with special powers, so I can--”
“Exploit them!”

GM: “Here you are.” (hands over glass of almond milk) “While you’re at it, make me an Investigation roll! It’s not almond milk, it’s poison! Hahahaha!”

GM: “You don’t think this is going to end well.”
Player: “Really?!”

NPC: “My name is Edgar Allan Poe.”
Player 1: (squees) / Player 2: (gasps)

GM: “As a result of that, you’re now rolling in money. Except we don’t call it that because it’s 1845, not 1996.”

“You have cholera.”
“I don’t have time to have a disease.”

“I eat fragile old men.”
“You like in Mexico, there are a LOT of fragile old men there!”
“Not anymore.”

“A British spy network separate from the state.”
“Are you planning on calling it Torchwood?”

“Hero point that! Hero point that!”
“No, I’m drunk.”
“Fair enough.”

“Things go wrong with flying creatures in tubes. D&D taught us that.”

“I’m agreeing with a Frenchman?!”
“You go off to the side and have a small crisis, looking at your hands going ‘what have I become?!’”

“It’s bad form to shoot someone in the back. Damn you, etiquette!”

GM: “This is the strangest GM-ing I’ve ever done.”

To be continued!