We're a bleak bunch of bastards

Having some delicious cake and a long, very good game of Cards Against Humanity with a special guest star. :)

Courtesy of Monday 31 October 2016's Cards Against Humanity session at Odin's Table.

“I bruised my hand fucking about with shelving.”
“It’s not for me to comment on your lifestyle choices, but fucking with shelving is a bad idea.

“Did Constantine move in next door?”
“There’s a guy called Chris, so maybe.”

“I’m into … gay aliens. From outer space or Mexico?”

“Have you put out yet?”
“He doesn’t put out, like the love centrifuge that he is.”

“It’s a blonde conspiracy! It’s the closest to Swedish we have.”

“He likes children on leashes.”
“At least it’s not nubile slave boys.”

“How was your Monday night gaming?”

“Poorly timed Holocaust jokes is fine, but Brexit? Too soon!”

“Everyone knows that doesn’t kill Batman! It doesn’t win!” (Batman card then won)

“Poor life choices is what lead her here.”
“No comment.”

“I love a good one as well.”
“Unrelenting genital punishment?!”

“I was playing the man.”
“You don’t know me that well.”

“It was a good bleached arsehole.”
“Thank … you …?”

“We’re a bleak bunch of bastards, aren’t we?”

“I thought I was going to win until the KKK and Nazis showed up.”

“I’m pretty sure I’m high right now, because I’m pretty sure we’ve had this card before.”

See you next week!