Can I still be a grumpy racist?

So basically, we decided to go to Crimea - the bit with the war and Florence Nightingale (and Mary Seacole, who was left out of this story as well - how like life!) and also dropped in to see Baba Yaga (officially pronounced ˈbɑːbə jəˈɡɑː so now we've settled that as well) and met the real life version of Ursa. Except he used to be a real bear??? Anyway. What?

Courtesy of Sunday 8 January 2017's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Odin's Table.

“He accidentally sold his soul to save everyone.”
“On purpose!”

GM: “I’m trying to follow my own plot. It’s really difficult.”

GM: “The plot is gonna need a flowchart.”
Player 1: “Of course it will, it’s one of your games.”
Player 2: “Is everyone confused? - Yes. - Proceed.”

“How do you know if it’s a war?”
“A man in a big hat decides it.”

“We could just blow him up.”
“How very Irish of you.”
“K’s applauding you! Feel bad!”

“So we either go to the war zone to see a creepy old woman, or we go to the war zone. Let’s go see the creepy old woman.”

“He’s the greatest wizard of this generation. And quite a few generations before that.”

“You’re talking about reservations.”
“I’m sure I have some of those right now.”

“Guys, stop making me want to run Changeling: The Lost.”

GM: “Gain two Hero points.”
Player: “You’re about to get railroaded.”

NPC: “My name is Florence.”
Player 1: “Called it!”
Player 2: “Was the neon signposting not enough?”
GM: “I like using real historical characters. It’s the Crimean war. So ...”

“Are we considering interrogating a bear?”
“Second time in this campaign ...”

Baba Yaga: “...Or instead of exacting my usual price ...”
Player 1: “Tell me how good you thought my poem was.”
Player 2: “Yes! Let’s Vogon this shit up!”

“The 1970s ...?”
“You said that like it’s an alien planet.”

“Can I still be a grumpy racist?”

To be continued!