Do Doomsayers glow in the dark?

We're on the road again ... or, well, three of us are: Jack the Road Warrior, Vincent the Syker and Maggie the Law Dog.

I think we ended up somewhere in Wyoming, where we spotted some guys on the side of the road. They were looking for something, so we decided to help out. Turned out to be related to burned out corpses. Doomsayers are in the area, and them folks are bad news in general.

Eventually, modifications were made to the cannon mounted on top of Jack's truck and Maggie might glow in the dark, but it's all good ... even though the truck is now a rolling bomb waiting to go off at any second ...

Courtesy of Monday 8 May 2017's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Odin's Table.

“He’s called Mickey-something.”
“Could be.”

“It was a good plan.”
“It was a different plan.”

“I have 41 XP.”
“41?! I hate to break it to you, but the one who has the most XP when they die doesn’t win.”

“You know what the trick is to drink methanol, right?”

“I don’t drink and drive. I drink-drive.”
“You don’t drink and THEN drive. You drink while driving.”

“Oh GOD, if you actually say that I’m gonna shoot you!”

“We too know an Elliot who’s a Templar.”
“Are they all called Elliot?”

“This feels inevitably ambushy.”

“It may say ‘Ugly As Sin’ but I see it as ‘Bad Ass’.”

Jack: “Are we trouble?”
Vince: “We’re troubleshooters.”
Maggie: “Because we shoot trouble.”

“Do Doomsayers glow in the dark?”

Player (to GM): “So in one session you’ve turned my humble truck into a massive bomb.”
GM: “It’s stable-ish. It’s not dynamite.”

“Hey, every weapon cou... they’re not getting my cannon.”

“I’ve been thinking ...”
“It always worries me when you start sentences like that.”

“So long as it fires when I’m far away, I don’t mind it.”

GM: “You don’t want it to blow up the cannon.”
Player 1: “Depends on how desperate the situation ...”
Player 2: “Not that desperate.”

“Shhhh, voice of reason. Quiet.”

GM: “When you look at the map ...”
Player: “Does it say ‘murderers be ‘ere’?”

“Not being there is normally a good shield.”

“You’ll be fine in the morning.”
“Is that what you tell all radiation poison victims?”
“Yes, pretty much.”

“Did she look like she was about to stop and murderise people?”
“You don’t have to stop to murderise people.”

(the truck is passed by a tanker truck driven by a screaming woman)
Jack: “That, ladies and gentlemen, was my future wife.”

“Try our new low fat veggie burgers.”
“So. Dead people brains.”

“Is she married? I’d like to show her my cannon.”
“Is that a euphemism?”

“I’m 95% sure of what I’m doing.”
“That’s a 5% chance of failure!”
“It’s a 5% chance of death.”

GM: “It’s not zombies. It’s normally zombies.”

GM: “One XP for not being total jerks.”
Player: “Is that common in this setting?”

To be continued!