Falling for the plot device

Jack tried to flirt with the tanker truck driver he decided last session he was going to marry. She wasn't impressed.

Vince had a chat with the other Syker in town and Maggie discovered they had come to some sort of hipster vegetarian hideout where they grew their own food and served bran muffins and stuff.

We then helped to build a fence around the town and waited to be attacked. And so we were. Epic Syker blew head off bad guy - there was a mini mushroom cloud and nuclear fallout and everything! \o/

Courtesy of Monday 15 May 2017's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Odin's Table.

“You can’t roll d4s.”
“D4s roll in the air, it counts!”
“No, that doesn’t count.”

Jack: “Boss, what do you want me to do?”
Maggie: “I want to see you propose to that woman.”

“Sorry, I was just doing up my fly.”
“What was that? I wasn’t paying attention.”
“I can open it again if you like?”

GM: “Oh, I need dice.”
Player: “You’re a GM, you don’t need dice.”
GM: “I do if I’m gonna kill players. And I do mean players, not characters.”

“I’m gonna go see my new wife-in-law!”

“You’re being a bitch. I’ve met ZOMBIES with better character than you.”

“It would be a nice explosion.”
“I’d like to not be in the middle of it!”

Maggie (resigned): “I’ll move the truck.”
Jack: “No, I can do it.”
Vince: “I’d like you to find someone to shoot it.”
Maggie: “The truck?!”

Player: “We have obviously very different ideas about what’s fine.”
GM: “That’s because I’m the GM and you’re the players.”

“It’ll be fine for the first five years.”
“Until they learn crop rotation.”
“Or starve to death. Whichever comes first.”

“It’s 56.7 grams.”
“What is?”
“2 oz in real money.”
(whispers) “2 oz is real money.”
“Bloody foreigner.”

Player 1: “What shall we do with the missing Templar?”
Player 2: “What shall we do with the missing Templar?”
Player 1: “What shall we do with the missing Templar?”
Player 2: “Earlay in the morning!”

“Let’s see if I have Psychic Diagnosis.”
“No, you’re not my character. I’m friendly psychic, you’re murder psychic.”

GM: “4 d10.”
Player 1: “He could roll a one on all of them.”
GM: (rolls)
Player 2: “He didn’t.”

GM: “You feel very warm around the groin, and not in a good way.”

“There are more women elsewhere and they don’t charge as much.”

GM: “She wakes up in the middle of the night. She has--”
Player: “Regrets?”

“He’s falling for the plot device! It’s too late.”

To be continued!