Can the NPC fly a SAMAS?

Last week we left our group near Lone Star in Coalition State. This week, we did what we went there to do, and then got the hell out of there. Well, okay, we're still working on that part.

First of all we met Magali, one of the rat people. We think she's on our side, or at least we hope she is because we've just gone and told her everything about us. Gorbash got to be admired by rat kids and healed some very ill people, so at least they like us.

Then we went to get John, which included infiltrating a very big compound in order to break him out of jail. By pretending to be NTSEC. It went surprisingly well, even though Booker's fake ID card was commented on as being very old and should be renewed. Someone had him autograph a sign in sheet, which would be sent for handwriting verification, so we were on a strict timer.

John was obtained, and seeing as how the NTSEC officer whose ID card Booker was using had accepted his "usual" choice of transport without double-checking exactly what that meant ... we were shown to the roof, where six shiny SAMAS were waiting for us. None of us had a driving skill last week, so we sure as hell don't have a flying skill! Lucky for us the Dog-Boy could at least slave all the other SAMAS to Booker's, and show Booker how he's supposed to fly. We're still not in the clear, but at least we managed to take off without crashing to the ground.

Courtesy of Monday 17 July 2017's Rifts roleplaying session.

“How disappointed was I?”
“You’re British, get used to it.”

(giving people, specifically siblings, “Chinese burns”)
“See, there ARE things we have in common across borders! Torture!”
“Yes, but I never waterboarded my sisters.”

“We’re into the BURN today, aren’t we?”

GM: “What are you worried about? You’ve only got Gorbash negotiating for you.”

“Delicato chocolate balls last forever, so if you eat them, so will you. That’s why we had loads of them when I was in school.”

“Gorbash is played by the Hemsworth brother that looks even better than Chris Hemsworth. The brother that doesn’t exist, because he couldn’t possibly be that good-looking.”

“So the only Tarantino film I like isn’t made by Tarantino.”
(turns out it was written by him, though!)

Gorbash: “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
NPC: “It’s a pleasure to meet you too. I hope.”
Player: “Threats! Threats are coming!”

NPC: “Who is this person which might cause an issue for my people?”
Player: “No. No. No. No. No. No. No. – Sorry, talking to myself.”

Gorbash: “I’m a wanted person. There are pictures of me on arrest warrants. There’s a bounty.”
Booker: “Mine’s bigger than yours.”

“I set the Dog-Boy up with a Dog … Girl. He’s busy.”

Player 1: “Gorbash is Mr Green.”
Gorbash: “But I want to be Mr Pink!”
Player 2: “Get over it, gay dragon!”
GM: “Actually, he’s been trying it on with the female dragons a lot, so probably not.”
Player 2: Exactly, he’s trying too hard!”

NPC: “My name is Magali.”
Player: “What? … Ohhhh! For a moment there I thought you said her name was ‘my darling’.”

“He said you were busy.

Booker: “Now we have a new plan.”
NPC: “That you’ve just come up with?!”

Player 1: (says something that REALLY shouldn't be repeated)
Blogkeeper: “… I’m not writing that down.”
Player 1: “I’ve found the limits of the quote book! That’s never gonna happen again.”
Player 2: “It’s happened before.”

GM: “You could chop his head off and put it in an ice bucket and put it on a cyborg body if you wanted.”
Player: “Let’s not do that.”

Gorbash: “I could just stick my hand in the back of his head and keep healing him.”
Booker: “That’s too grim, even for me.”

GM: “They try to fix it using traditional means.” (bangs a fist on it)
Player: “So we’re in Britain.”

“Don’t you DARE use magic!”
“It’s a backup plan!”

(to Dog-Boy, the only one with a driving skill last week)
“Can you fly a SAMAS?”

“We’ve stolen six SAMAS!”

To be continued!