Gorgons are the Spanish Inquisition

We continued the fight at the nexus point. The good thing about having impressive weapons and skills is that you can get rid of your enemies with ease. A bit too easy, perhaps, as the GM found out after we'd murderised all his baddies.

Anyhoo. We took back the nexus point for the Rakshasa and celebrated. The next morning we got the info we needed in order to find where John, the head of the Blackstone Juggernauts (a.k.a. our boss) and Gorbash's sort-of-adoptive father, had been taken to. It's in Texas. So next week I guess we put on our Stetsons and get ready to barbecue some meats. Oh, and rescue our friend/boss. Maybe.

Courtesy of Monday 3 July 2017's Rifts roleplaying session.

GM: “He’s got plenty of 11 MDC left.”

GM: “One of the guys in your squad is now stone.”
Player: “And that’s STONE and not STONED.”

Gorbash: “I’m having the staff on principle. And the principle is: it’s magic.”

Booker: “Reloading is for wimps.”

Player (rolls to parry): “30.”
GM: “30?! You trivially parry his attack. 30?!”

GM: “He’s not particularly afraid of dying.”
Player: “Yet.”

GM: “I didn’t expect your victory to go so easily.”
Booker: “I had to waste a round on them!”
Jayson: “I only have one bullet left!”

Booker: “I trust the Barry. I rely on Barry.”
GM: “Although Barry the symbiote isn’t trustworthy.”

GM: “Sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing. I’m not against you guys. Really.”

Booker: “I’m a nice guy!”
Gorbash: “I don’t understand how Booker works anymore.”

Gorbash: “I’m friends with elementals now!”
GM: “Sure you are.”

“There’s only so many times we can drop fusion blocks on people before it gets boring.”

“Does he shoot his own people?”
“Only once.”
“… Glitter-Boys normally only need to shoot someone once …”

“They weren’t expecting gorgons.”
“No one expects gorgons.”

Player: “I know what you’re doing!”
GM: “I have no idea what I’m doing!”

Booker: “Women? That would be cheating!”
GM: “I didn’t know you had those qualms, but yeah.”

“Is it in Coalition State?”
“That’s the best kind!”

“Do we use our Dog Boy to counter their Dog Boy, so they’re busy sniffing each other’s butts?”

“I think we’re the GOOD guys.”
“We’re ALL the Chosen Ones!”

To be continued!