The only one with a Driving skill is the NPC

We drove toward Coalition State, dressed up as Coalition State agents. Gorbash in particular found the suit very uncomfortable. Near the border we spotted some green spheres that were following us, but we got some help from our "friends" to take them down.

We then found the city of Lone Star, and paid a visit to a local farmer so that Gorbash could flex his wings. Clearing out the barn, the sewer grate was found to lead not just to the sewers but to an entire population of human-rat hybrids ... that Gorbash casually threatened with genocide. Like you do.

Now we just need to find John at that outpost, rescue him, and get the hell out of there before things kick off.

Courtesy of Monday 10 July 2017's Rifts roleplaying session.

“My Russian accent has really gone downhill in the past few years. I can’t do one anymore.”
“I can tell.”

“So you can’t be as racist now as you used to be?”
“Thanks for picking up on that.”

Gorbash: “If it goes to hell I’ll just breathe fire on them.”

Gorbash: “I’m a fan of humans.”
Jayson: “You just can’t tell us apart.”

GM: “Who’s driving, by the way?”
Player: “… How’s the Dog Boy at driving?”
GM: “He might actually HAVE a Driving skill, you know!”

Booker: “Use one of these, it’ll look more realistic when you miss.”

GM: “They’re using missiles because they’re so much easier to hit with.”

GM: “Now is when I find out it was a dead a couple of shots ago.”

Player: “So the glass globe is sort of its armour.”
GM: “Let’s go with that.”

Jayson: “I feel like I’m missing a lot of skills here.”
Gorbash: “Yes. Now you know how I feel. And I wasted most of mine.”

GM: “As you go past Amarillo …”
Player: “We now know the way to Amarillo?! Sweet!”

“We’ve yet again gone around the plot.”
“Nah, we’ll get it on the way back.”

“So homophobia is kind of built into America, then. They even like their roads to be straight.”

GM: “What use are all those skills if you can’t succeed with them? Badumm-tish!”

Player: “Did we stumble on a sub-plot we weren’t supposed to find?”
GM: “No, this is a sub-plot you WERE supposed to find.”

Booker: “How many did you kill?”
Gorbash: “I didn’t kill anyone!”
GM: “Yet.”

GM: “Obviously the Dog Boy doesn’t giggle as much as the game master when he says this.”

“The good dragon’s contemplating genocide.”

“I think you’ve learned all the wrong lessons.”
“Says the one who was going to kill the farmer and his wife!”

To be continued!