It's always winter in Alaska

We did have a session to post here, but illness and stuff has prevented me to digitise it, so here's an ace up the sleeve instead.

Oh we were on fire here! Which was probably just as well, seeing as how we went to a snow-covered Alaska and did some stuff. Kanye West was there, because of course he was.

There was a character new to the party as well, who thought "Specials" meant "special needs", and we did nothing to disprove that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Courtesy of Sunday 12 March 2017's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Odin's Table.

“I love the concept where you can reduce cancer to a d6.”

Adult: “Who do zombies fight?”
Toddler: “Pandas.”
Adult: “Zombies vs pandas? I’d buy that.”

“I would say, to your credit, you have a better graphic designer. Not as good as me, but …”

“Dude, we’re not getting some dead guy’s brain, right? That’s WEIRD. It’s weird even for me.”

“Define ‘assimilate’.”
“It just means resistance is futile.”

Character 1: “I’m not good with extreme cold.”
Character 2: “Buy a parka.”
Character 3: “Why would she want a pen?”

GM: “At the beginning of everything was chaos.”
Player: “Hi!”

“Look at me coping! I’m coping so hard right now!”

“What time of the year is it?”
“Winter. It’s always winter.”

Player: “We could land ON the town!”
GM: “Funny you should say that …”

“I spent the last five minutes trying to figure out how to fix the plane!” (when finding out the GM had said the whole ‘everyone exits the plane and it’s crashing to the ground’ as a throwaway joke)

“Good news, guys! This guy can still sass us, he can’t be too far gone!”

“Don’t go into the light!”
“Wait, does this make me God?”

“I’m surprised Trump hasn’t put Sarah Palin in his cabinet. She’d fit right in.”
“No, she’s a woman.”
“Oh yeah.”
“He already has his token woman in cabinet.”
“Who I’m pretty sure has been raised from the dead.”

“We’re also good at pugilism and fisticuffs!”
“Who ARE you?!”

New character: “Special school? Like special needs?”
GM: “There has so far been nothing to discount that.”

New character (to party): “Do you have any responsible adults you need to get back to?”

“Finger guns aren’t really appropriate for the situation, but we’re on a roll.”

“Freak out later, get out of potential death trap now.”

GM: “It’s Kanye West.”
Player 1: “Kanye West?!”
Player 2 (matter-of-factly): “We fought Take That once and they killed Steve Irwin.”

“Kanye West has the power to interrupt any action. ‘I’m-a let you finish, but …’”

“Hey, ass-butt! There’s only one of me and that’s me!”

“Come up with a more intimidating name next time!”

Player: “Why does Darkest Timeline me smoke?”
GM: “Because it’s the Darkest Timeline.”

“He just killed a dude. I thought we didn’t kill dudes. Real serious talk here, killing dudes makes me uncomfortable.”

“You’re thinking in the mortal span.”
“It’s the only span I’ve got.”

(three out of five players roll a natural 20)
GM: “What did everyone who didn’t crit get?”

GM: “Do you have a plan or are you just going there and throwing a pasty at them or something?”

“What about the guy in the mosquito costume?”
“I didn’t kill him, I just left him to die.”

To be continued!