What does the desert fox say?

In this riveting final episode (for now) of Godbound, we discover that the god Gond isn't dead after all! And it's very possible Mystra isn't either!

We investigated a few places, and came across a Thayan wizard dude and there had been a lot of people dying and so on and so forth. Because Gunda took the Thor word, she walked along being some kind of lightning rod so that everyone else wouldn't get zapped.

We met a Shadow Prince as well. I have a sneaking suspicion I'm mixing up things here quite a lot, but it's been over a week since we had this session and I'm writing this half asleep. In fact, the Thayan wizard wasn't a Thayan wizard, it was Gond. The Thayan wizard was the dude with the flesh golem miners.

And then we came across a mountain where flesh golems were mining platinum, totally nicking our idea. They were ... taken care of. Turned out Gond had been stuck in some other plane of existance for quite some time. Some being tried to pretend to be Oghma, but this didn't seem right to Denethor, Oghma's second in command.

There was a city of platinum hidden in that mountain, and a portal to another place, so we sealed it up because things shouldn't come out of there. Nothing good comes out of there.

Courtesy of Monday 13 November 2017's Godbound session.

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Denethor: “I need to make a telescope if they exist.”
GM: “They exist!”
Player: “Have you been lazying around, Denethor?”

“See? He’s good. I’m happy with our companion.”
“I didn’t say he wasn’t good.”

NPC: “What do you want?”
Elani: “I suppress the urge to say ‘some food would be nice’.”

“Aah, male bonding. A hug, but not too close together. Pat on the back.”

GM: “They drop to the ground one by one.”
Player: “So they’re ALL fucking bad guys!”

“I’m not the god I was when I came back.”
“Oh really? – Looking around at all the corpses everywhere.”

“What is Gond wearing?”
“Nothing! The clothes burned!”

“What does the desert fox say?”

GM: “It’s like walking into Moria, except prison-y.”

“They stole our idea But they’re using flesh golems instead of Umber hulks. I smell a copyright infringement!”

Thayan NPC: “I wouldn’t put it THAT way.”
Gunda & Denethor: “How WOULD you put it?”

“I know who he’s looking for if no one knows where he’s got to or where he came from!”
“You’re gonna say Cotton-Eyed Joe, aren’t you?”
“Yes. Yes, I am.”

“You now like my god more than yours!”
“No, no, well ... maybe.”

Player: “There’s no nemesis there, just someone who needs to die.”
GM: “A lot.”
Player: “No, just once.”

GM: “There’s no other thing hidden on the outside of his body, that’s all I can say.”
Player 1: “BEND OVER, GOND!”
Player 2: “I proctologised a god!”

“With all this added platinum, does my Wealth go up to 2?”
“OUR wealth, surely! The pantheon’s wealth.”

To be continued at some point in the future?