Deadlands Noir

16 January 2013 - 5 June 2013

The Game

Deadlands Noir is a new, Kickstarter-backed follow-on to Deadlands, but set a few decades later in time, although still in alternate history 1930s United States. The Depression happened, and people have very little money, but at least they figured out burning ghost rock was a bad idea. The game is a heady mixture of Noir, Horror and Dieselpunk.

The Detective Agency

Dr James Sutcliffe
This elderly gentleman grifter (huckster) has sort of forgotten the fact that he's dead. Oh yes, this is a walking dead, a harrowed, but the rest of the party didn't realise this when they first took him in, and by then he had proven himself a little too useful to not have around. When he was alive, he was a doctor. Now that he's dead, he smokes a lot, although he probably did that when he was still alive as well, it's just that it doesn't harm him anymore. Needs nocturnal supervision unless you want him to burn down innocent people's houses in the middle of the night.

Napoleon "Nape" Hatch
Nape Hatch is a top notch dick (giggity) in New Orleans. There are traces of blood in his alcohol stream, but on the other hand, the alcohol might give him special powers, so who are we to judge? He finds himself in the oddest of situations in his line of work, and is not too keen on these things, but if you ever want someone capable of defeating a zombie crocodile in the Bayou, look no further! Okay, well, maybe someone else is better at taking out zombie crocodiles, but he'll do his very best.

Penny Murphy a.k.a. Molly Malone
Unlike her missing relative Mary, this Murphy hasn't got a penny to her name (aside from the name itself, obvs), and she resides in the Irish Quarter of New Orleans. Still a ”good Cath'lic girl”, or at least that's what she tells herself. She's an investigative freelance reporter who combines journalism with private investigation, because they go hand in hand when it comes to skills on the character sheet because Savage Worlds. Besides, it's a great way to get scoops to write about. Molly Malone is her pen name. Or the other way around, her player is a bit undecisive and therefore iffy on the details.