25 September 2013 - Current
The Game
It's some time in the future. The Apocalypse happened. Since then, rifts have opened between worlds or dimensions or whatever, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

Some of the Blackstone Juggernauts

Booker Dayes, Gunslinger
In his own words, Booker is "awesome". And sure, he has got a good aim (when he's not blowing up buildings for shits and giggles or something), and is handy to have around when you're out investimagating things. He's even better to have around when he's done something foolish, feels guilty about it and therefore makes up for it by buying the rest of the party very expensive gifts, but each to their own.

Gorbash, Great Horned Dragon
Gorbash is a young dragon eager to try his wings. Even though he's only about a month old, he's already started chatting up female dragons (namely Ixchal, 600 years) and learning magic spells, and decided that being nice to humans (even though they all look the same to him) is a good thing. Sort of had a nemesis in the Fire dragon Milan, but now Milan's dead, and unless Celia in the territory next to his turns out to be his mum or something, he should be fine.

(Sir) Jayson Oakwood, Cyber-Knight
With so many skills they almost wouldn't fit on the character sheet, Sir Jayson is apparently a bit of a combat machine - at least if he ever manages to sleep without being interrupted by prophetic dreams about his necromancer nemesis. Jayson has a dark grey robot horse called Thunder, and the guy's appearance can easily be summed up to fangirls, and anyone else for that matter, in a series of gifs.

Michael Baradhi, Ley Walker
Ever the explosives enthusiast, magic user Baradhi is a good guy to have around. Or to have around in physical form while he's checking out the area in the astral plane. He might consider starting a ley line courier service, if he's not blown himself up with that grenade launcher that he bought without having the skill for it, which made even a cyborg sweat.

Ulmolf, Runesmith
Another one with many skills is the Norse (or at least faux Scottish) dwarf Ulmolf. He's armed not just with an assortment of weapons but also his Grudge Book. Get on his wrong side and he might just write your name down in it ... for generations to come. He knows how to bear a grudge. Even though it's such a stereotype, Ulmolf is quite the fan of hard liquor. Well, with this party, who can blame him?