Short Campaigns

15 May 2012 - 12 June 2012

The Game
Based on the works of HP Lovecraft, we went to late 19th Century London to investimagate increasingly gruesome murders. Eventually, we ended up on a creepy island off the coast of Spain, where people were trying to kill us. They succeeded.

The Late Adventurers

Abigail Duckworth
Confirmed spinster (she's 24) and governess to the three children of Lord Bath. Was put to death by Boaty as a mercy killing before being consumed by the blackness.

Harold "Boaty" Boatman
Chain-smoking police officer who would rather retire, but the Victorians didn't retire, they worked until they died. Which might be sooner than expected! Was consumed by the blackness and died - sort of?

Hubert "the Deadly Hummingbird" Smythe
Renowned moustachioed strongman and keen balloonist, except his balloon was currently held by the police. He got it back, only for the rest of the party to realise he wasn't actually very good at actual ballooning. Died when Mr Brown went completely berserking bananas.

Michael Brown
Handyman who gets accosted by anything from small children to scary monsters, and who'd rather they left him alone. The only one who lost their mind completely ... and proceeded to kill the not-so-Deadly Hummingbird.

14 February 2012 - 20 March 2012

The Game

Is set in the Warhammer 40k universe and involves space crusaders in big armour. They were stuck on a planet, trying to find a governor who had gone missing. They found genestealers. Awkward.

The Squad

It's a bit short because the characters never really got a chance to develop big personalities.

Calcion Imperitus
Imperial Fist Devastator. Not to be mistaken for Calculon! Or calcium!

Salamander Tech Marine. Your dream techie!

Gyos Nemr
Ultramarine Assault Marine. Party leader and sniper, just like Gibbs!

Storm Warden Apothecary. Party healer with fantastic hair!

Viturus Madaka
Mantis Warriors Tactical Marine. Not allowed to go against the party!

19 June 2012 - 17 July 2012

The Game

Set some time in the dystopian future, Shadowrun took us to New York City in pursuit of an elf whose mind we needed to wipe.

The Runners

Dru (Druguntha)
German, dwarf, rabid eco-warrior, and vegetarian. Might or might not turn out to be a homicidal maniac.

Gun-running orc gangster with 200k:s worth of Nuyen in the bank. Reluctantly agreed to be hired as muscle.

Mr G
A troll Mage/enforcer person without Charisma or personal skills, but he has a logical mind and a taste for death. You might not be alive too long if you're around him.

Human hacker who probably only accepted the job because it would be easy money. Despite being a computer guy, he prefers pasta instead of a nice pizza.

24 July 2012 - 28 August 2012

The Game

It's Victorian England with all the associated steampunky goodness. The party, three elves, woke up in a field near a crashed airship and had no idea where or who they were. Bob was naked, Cid wore ill-fitting clothes (they were actually Bob's - long story), but Unlike's clothing was untouched.

From the burning airship and the dead parrot, they had to backtrack to figure out what had happened to them and why. In the process, they stumbled over a number of classic sitcom characters only to find themselves associated with the Most Haunted House, Church and Manor in England.

The Party

Cedric Ignatius "Cid" Dashwood
Description to follow.

Robert "Bob" Affette
Description to follow.

Description to follow.