Meta-gaming Blues Brothers kill Jesus

Since the last Changeling session back in August, about five weeks have passed in-game. Alysiana has voluntarily locked herself in a cell while we investigate who she is - or rather, whether or not she's really evil. There has also been time to make snazzy sunglasses, allowing a person to see dark fey, and a prisoner has been interrogated ... albeit not very successfully.

And then a group of angry Redcaps showed up, broke a reinforced gate camera at Jack's place (Wollaton Hall), and tried to get in and, err, cause trouble. And while this was going on, Finn managed to have fallen asleep on a chandelier - because that's the sort of mischief that might happen to a character when their player can't make the session. (We're waiting expectantly for his waking up on Tuesday, just to see his reaction.)

Oh, and Alysiana was given a once-over by a group of Nockers. It made for very fine roleplaying indeed. Could've been another one of them French art films ...

Courtesy of Tuesday 13 December 2011’s 2nd Edition Changeling: The Dreaming adventure at Chimera.

“The government should have a think tank of roleplayers, we’d solve everything in the world.”

“I am an official conversation shepherd.”

Player: “Which one of us has died?”
GM: “What?”
Player: “It’s been five minutes, which one of us has died?”

“That’s how we solve this problem! Put her cell on wheels!”

Set: “We’re only five minutes into the game and I’ve been watching how you do interrogations, and …” (facepalms)
Player: “And we’re back to normal again!”

Jack: “If you don’t get the answer in twenty minutes, can I torture him? Pleeeeeeeease?”

GM: “I’m just checking the film rating we’re on at the moment.”
Player 1: “We’re still d4 I’m afraid.”
Player 2: “Maybe d6 if we keep it quiet.”

“Try these sunglasses on.”
“Now you look like the Blues Brothers.”

“This ‘studying’ … how invasive are we talking?”


“Stay! Stay! Don’t come over here! Stay where you are! Stay!”
“You realise this is actually taking longer than me telling you the joke?”

Jack: “You’re asked to join a Nocker brainstorming session.”
Flora: “Who are you calling a Nocker anyway? And is this where I go ‘eeeeeewww’?”

“They make unseelie guys look like Jesus.”
“Good thing we killed him, then.”

“And here I am, struggling along with no points in Gremayre.”
“Neither have I.”

“It’s reversed meta-gaming in a way.”
“Wait, isn’t reversed meta-gaming roleplaying? Ahh my brain!”

“I don’t think Alysiana likes being prodded much.”
“Hah, he’s not seen 19 Hours then!”

“Are you done with that?”
“Aww, I could’ve watched that all night.”

Alysiana (to Jack’s Nocker friends): “ANY BIG NEEDLES, I SHOOT YOU!”

Alysiana: “I want to see the equipment before you put it in me.”
Nocker: “From what I hear, you’re not normally that picky.”

“It’s all starting to get a little bit rapey …”

Alysiana: “They gave me a chimeric enema.”
Player: “Finn’s gonna kick himself for missing this.”

“How do you have an imaginary enema?”
“By imagining having a really great curry.”

“I see no one’s managed to get Finn off the chandelier yet.”

(After Flora has re-told half a true story about the history of Wollaton Hall)
Jack: “I think Flora’s been reading the tourist brochures again.”

GM: “In-game, it’s Saturday, 15th January.”
Player 1: “Aww, we missed Christmas!”
Player 2: “We need to have a Christmas special.”

Jack: “I probably have golf carts.”
Set: “I’m not getting in a golf cart! I probably won’t fit anyway.”

GM: “They’re coming with a small removal van.”
Flora: “Protect the grandfather clock!”

Set: “What time is it?”
Grandfather clock: “It’s 10 o’clock, sir.”
Set: “Ahh. My evening is complete.”

Jack: “I had my last will and testament drawn up after I learned I had pissed off a Redcap.”

GM: “Vinny’s nearly at the door.”
Player: “Is that my cousin Vinny?”

“I’m not spending Willpower on this one. (Rolls) I probably should’ve.”

Set: “I’ve beaten up the wrong generations twice, but tonight’s the night!”

“Something ridiculously overpowered? In World of Darkness?”
“Surely not!”

GM: “This is Vinny.”
Vinny: “But he looks nothing like my cousin!”

Alysiana: “I’m the 19-hour scarecrow.”
Player: “And the Tin Man is about to come out.”

GM: “Set’s about to get eaten by three really big guys.”
Set: “It’s my normal Saturday night.”

“I’m gonna have a Redcap run off with my arm now, aren’t I?”

“I build these, and I also know how to use these, so leave now or I cut your fucking heads off!”

(to Alysiana’s player) “Are you EVER on the same side as the rest of the party?”

GM: “You seem to be the flavour of the month.”
Player: “You attacked the wrong mother.”
Set: “She attacked me first!”

“They’re ex-military.”
“And John’s insane.”

“Maybe if Flora worries hard enough, it’ll project itself.”

“Did that sound wrong? We’ll revise it later.”

“Shall I distract them with a fancy fan dance?”
“Well, it worked in The Lion King.”

Next week is probably going to be the last session for this year. Possibly. We'll see how it pans out, so to speak. Hopefully, next week, we'll be joined again by Finn, who should have woken up from his slumber on the chandelier by then.