The Truth is Out There with scary monsters

We've now started the new groups, so it's just the three of us now, or at least for the time being. Delta Green is a Call of Cthulhu derivative, set in the modern day. We're currently in New York investigating some horrendous murders. When we started, a couple of young women had been murdered and drained of blood in NYC, and the case was so odd that they called in the FBI's most unwanted ...

As the premise of the game is so delightfully X-Filesy, we decided to completely run with this idea, and created two characters that may or may not look like this:

They're called - wait for it - Special Agents Tiger Mulligan and Sarah Cully. Because, you know, Mox Fulder would've been too obvious, and he couldn't just be called Fox. He did, however, do his degree in psychology at a university in Oxford and has worked in criminal profiling in the FBI. Oh, and his sister was abducted by aliens when he was 12.

S Cully is a trained medical doctor specialising in forensics, who did her undergraduate thesis in physics. (Something about Einstein?) She believes in science and the teachings of Cathol. In retrospect, the S should've stood for Samantha instead of Sarah, but never mind.

As there's just the three of us, with a moderately sane GM, the list of quotes won't be as long as other games, but they should still provide some entertainment value.

Courtesy of 5 September 2012's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“He’s the one that looks like the third guy from Superman, isn’t he?”

“He’s like a PROPER GM.”
“Yeah. Puts me to shame. And you to even more.”

“Victim number blue, please.”

“We can’t really talk to her because she’s insane.”
“She’ll say words, though. Whether they’re understandable words …”

“It’s only really lethal if you’re paranoid.”

“We might have this mystery solved in a couple of weeks.”
“Or we’ll be dead.”
“Now who’s the optimist?”

“My word, you’ve got colour-coding already.”

“You can’t have a murder investigation without string. That’s why they never caught Jack the Ripper. No string.”

“Randy Smith.”
“Oh, IS HE now?”

“Does McGarnagle have a relative called Minerva who works as a teacher in Scotland?”
“I was wondering how long it would take you to say that.”

Mulligan: “Scully? Sorry. Cully?”

“So now the local police force will be hostile? How very X-Files.”

“Are the four officers by any chance called Lamb, Slaughter, Cannon and Fodder?”

“And the chicken …”
“Yeah, why DID that cross the road?”

GM: “The case is blown well out of proportion.”
Player: “So I take it The Daily Eye is a tabloid, then?”

“With my Strength and Dex, he can use HIS shoulder.”

“That was a nice lunch; let’s go cut up bodies.”

“Victim number two, please.”

GM: “We’re all going to be forensic experts by the end of this, aren’t we?”

“A duck should always be in a suit.”
“No, a duck should be in hoi-sin sauce.”
“Mmm, pancakes …”

“It just said ‘Nazi zombies’ and then there was a duck. In a suit.”
“As opposed to a duck in jeans and t-shirt, you mean.”

Mulligan: “Do you have a skill in Hypnosis and Therapy? No, those are more my skills, actually.”

“Woohoo, government conspiracy!”
“Let’s hope not.”

“I know someone in a trench coat and hat: Inspector Gadget! He’s a dicey fuck!”

“Wasabi crackers?”
“Would you like to try some?”
“No thanks, I value my taste buds.”

Mulligan: “I’m gonna be frank.”
Cully: “I thought you were Tiger.”

“I like the way we’ve gone to ‘it’. Not ‘he’ or ‘she’, IT.”

Cully: “I think I’m playing a Good Catholic Girl again.”

“It’s like a zoo, basically. Even without serial killers.”

“McGarnagle is busy doing … something.”
“Giving lessons in Transfiguration?”

“If the police are going to be accused of being heavy-handed, they might as well be heavy-handed.”

Next week, we do animal experiments and all sorts. Not to be confused with liquorice.