Geek rage in the basement with a flashlight

We've now finally started playing the new adventure, in which we discovered the Mysterious Case of the Missing Body From the Morgue, a missing girl from a hospital and a missing hospital patient. They're all redheads - is this some sort of conspiracy? Following leads, we ended up in a dark and dingy basement, armed only with flashlights and guns ... although the GM insisted on having NPCs switch the proper lights on.

There was a zombie down there. A meatshield nearly died. It was the best day ever!

Courtesy of Wednesday 19 December 2012's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“There’s nothing like geek rage.”

GM: “What have you done to my campaign this time?!”

“Maths! MATHS! My Kryptonite!”

“Hey babe. Want a Pacific rim?”
“Smells like coconut.”

“If you watch it over a weekend drinking vodka, it will start to make sense by the end of the second bottle.”

“There’s a computer game of Iron Sky now.”
“Why are we not playing that RIGHT NOW?”

“I do my Medicine with a shotgun now. You wanted open-heart surgery, right?”

Mulligan (to a hospital NPC): “How long do you keep the CCTV footage? Weekly or Daily?”
GM: “…Make me a Luck roll!”

GM: “That one’s a bit kooky as well. I think I’m going to start calling you that.”
Player: “‘Kooky’ Mulligan?”

“Actually, we can just ask the woman there to find us the stuff we’re looking for.”

GM: “They go around turning lights on.”
Player: “What? They’re not going around with just the flashlights?!”
GM: “It’s not very X-Filesy, I know.”

“It’s a different producer for this season. They wanted a more sensible approach.”
“But that’s not very cinematic.”

NPC: “It’s very dingy down there.”
Mulligan: “Have you got a flashlight?”
NPC: “Nah, I turned the lights on.”

Mulligan: “I don’t care if the light is on. The flashlight’s out with the gun. That’s how we roll.”

Cully: “Is this where we roll Sanity?”

“It won’t be a really hard punch. More like a slap equivalent.”

GM: “The name Kooky will be muttered around the station for eons.”

GM: “It looks like his drawers need changing, basically.”

GM: “The chest freezer’s full of blood and gore.”
Player: “Where’s Mayham?”

Next time, we hope to get back-up from General Silver, who was sadly missing from this session.