Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The real world would be proud

Starting out where we left off last session (funny that), Mulligan went to talk to meteorologist Hank Long, who turned out to be a lot like himself, only a few years down the line and with some more Sanity points lost. He was totally tying the room together, man.

Cully went to have a coffee at the brand of coffee shots that measure their sizes in "Tall", "Venti" and that other one we couldn't remember the name of. Oh, with the journalist woman who wanted to interview Brian, the schizophrenic we had reunited with the friendly men in white coats last time. She had lots of info about the weird-ass church Brian belongs to. They have ties with the Aum Shinrikyo cult, and might or might not have caused that earthquake using some sort of EMP device.

And then we tagged along with the ATF who were going out to the church's compound to say hello ... and suddenly, it appeared to be a re-run of Wako, which, funnily enough, is just up the road from San Antonio.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Room with a View of Poo

Special Agents Mulligan and Cully are back! This time, they've been tasked with going to San Antonio in Texas, to investigate a bloke who seemingly predicted an earthquake in the area, which destroyed a building. The same building he had, in fact, ran into a couple of days earlier, shouting about how it would be destroyed.

We officially suspect that he's a terrorist, of course. Inofficially, we're not so sure.

Going to the man's house - a paranoid schizophrenic, btw - we found a man with a gun. He was shot a little, and died en route to hospital. He was a representative of some crackpot church, and his cronie was busy being blind on the floor. The paranoid schizophrenic had collected his excrement in various jars, which we found out when some smashed on the floor. He was taken into custody. Just to make sure.

Something's not right, though ...

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Deadlands Noir, directed by Quentin Tarantino

As we left last session still in the Bayou, having narrowly escaped being eaten by a ginormous zombie alligator, we returned to town to organise an auction with the Black Hand and the Red Sect. They met up in the Bayou, things kicked off, Malone took Emma and ran behind a shed and spent most of the fight there, which is a great way of not dying.

And then there was this big robot coming down from the sky, which was taken out by a Tommie gun in a spectacular fashion (although not by us). So in the end, we got the girl, weren't killed, and we even got some money to pay our bills. Yay!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

An adventure triple bypass operation

Super investigators Hatch and Malone kept investigating this session, and in doing so, ended up skipping from part one to part five of the multi-part adventure. Because that's just how we roll.

Perhaps the shady guy who owed the Mob money was trying to get hold of some missing barrels from Hellstromme Industries ...

We ended up going into the Bayou with an inbred Captain Ahab, looking for a ginormous alligator. We found the alligator. It was now a ginormous zombie alligator, hidden in an old train cart. We spent so much time trying to get the door open ... when we could've just walked to the back, where there was no door - although we would've been eaten a lot quicker that way.