A Room with a View of Poo

Special Agents Mulligan and Cully are back! This time, they've been tasked with going to San Antonio in Texas, to investigate a bloke who seemingly predicted an earthquake in the area, which destroyed a building. The same building he had, in fact, ran into a couple of days earlier, shouting about how it would be destroyed.

We officially suspect that he's a terrorist, of course. Inofficially, we're not so sure.

Going to the man's house - a paranoid schizophrenic, btw - we found a man with a gun. He was shot a little, and died en route to hospital. He was a representative of some crackpot church, and his cronie was busy being blind on the floor. The paranoid schizophrenic had collected his excrement in various jars, which we found out when some smashed on the floor. He was taken into custody. Just to make sure.

Something's not right, though ...

Courtesy of Wednesday 13 February 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“Why are we letting B use technology?”

“You have to seek plot, it won’t seek you.”
“Why did you look at me when you said that?”

“You confused me by talking about real life.”

“He’s got a drawing! Everyone down!”

“He’s a bit more of a dick, but he’s old.”

“It’s all above board.”
“Except it isn’t.”

“Have you got the heavy metal music in the stereo? That’s the important thing.”

“My Driving skill went from 25 to 28 after rolling two d10.”
“You’re obviously a natural.”

Player: “Is it a multi-story house or just one floor?”
GM: “They’re all single story houses on this street. I’ve seen it on Google Streetview.”

“How many times will you have to patch up your own handiwork?”

GM: “He’s good as dead, there’s blood everywhere. Good shot!”

“It’s strange Brian would be involved in anything like that.”
“He’s been a very naughty boy.”

“How would you phrase that to not sound crazy yourself?”

GM: “He’ll make out a prescription in any name you like, basically.”
Mulligan: “Make it out to … Fox Mulder.”

“He comes back with some pills.”
“Is it Rohypnol?”

“Keep the anti-psychotics ready for when your SAN goes down.”

“The young lady is the new old lady.”

GM: “You can tell forensics have been here, inspecting your handiwork, MS CULLY. It’s all brown and crusty now.”

Mulligan: “We need someone to go undercover.”
Cully: “Hey, where’s Mayham?”
GM: “He COULD pass for a schizophrenic. A DRUNK schizophrenic.”
Mulligan (to NPC): “I may have a guy!”

“But what were they trying to dig up?”
“Giant worms, like in that KEVIN BACON film!”
“I love Tremors!”

Mulligan: “Go there and tell them one of them was killed while attacking an FBI agent.”
Sears: “But don’t tell them it was Cully.”
Cully: “You sure you don’t want to go instead?”

Mulligan: “We’re at the Hilton.”
Cully: “Travelodge.”
Mulligan: “No, we’re the FBI.”
Cully: “Yeah, TRAVELODGE. Have you never seen The X-Files?”
Mulligan: “But we’re on official business!”
Cully: “EXACTLY.”
Mulligan: “…Okay, cheap motel it is.”

“It’s not TB.”
“How do you know? You’re not a doctor.”
“You just need to google it.”
“I know what TB is. It’s consumption. It’s what prostitutes get.”
“…In the PAST!”

Where do we go from here? Working on body counts, no doubt. We're good at that!