The real world would be proud

Starting out where we left off last session (funny that), Mulligan went to talk to meteorologist Hank Long, who turned out to be a lot like himself, only a few years down the line and with some more Sanity points lost. He was totally tying the room together, man.

Cully went to have a coffee at the brand of coffee shots that measure their sizes in "Tall", "Venti" and that other one we couldn't remember the name of. Oh, with the journalist woman who wanted to interview Brian, the schizophrenic we had reunited with the friendly men in white coats last time. She had lots of info about the weird-ass church Brian belongs to. They have ties with the Aum Shinrikyo cult, and might or might not have caused that earthquake using some sort of EMP device.

And then we tagged along with the ATF who were going out to the church's compound to say hello ... and suddenly, it appeared to be a re-run of Wako, which, funnily enough, is just up the road from San Antonio.

Courtesy of Wednesday 20 February 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

(to Cully, pointing at GM screen) “Hey look, there’s that child you killed again. She’s haunting you.”

Long: “The government knows about this, man!”

GM: “Do you NEED a Psychology roll to tell what his psychology is?”

“He seems a bit paranoid, but you get people like that in roleplaying stores, so …”

Mulligan: “He’s me, years down the line when my Sanity is 3.”

Long: “They’re building a secret base for the Greys.”
Cully (to Mulligan): “He’s talking your language!”

Long: “I don’t even know who the hell you are! I’m talking to thin air, man!”

“I really want a Rifle skill and an assault rifle right now.”
“Join the church!”

“It sounds a bit like Scientology.”
“It sounds a LOT like Scientology.”

“Don’t keep your C4 in the box with the tazer.”

GM: “It’s very hard to pin anything on them.”
Player: “They ARE Scientologists!”

Cully: “Don’t worry, discretion is my middle name.”
GM: “No, it isn’t. I’ve read your character’s background.”
Cully: “You’re right, it’s Katherine.”

“There are a couple of things I would like to get from this. 1 …”

“I was going to say cheese. Everyone likes cheese.”
“I don’t like cheese.”
“Yeah, well, you’re a robot.”

“The Velociraptors will probably not be pursuing legal action.”

GM: “Wow, co-operation between agencies. The real world would be proud.”

“For the first time in an adventure, we can get an early night!”

GM: “At the bottom of the screen: FBI HEADQUARTERS, SAN ANTONIO.”
Player (proud): “He’s learned so much!”
GM: “I’ve seen too much of that TV series!”

“I’ll notify the NYPD. NYPD? SAPD.”

“He’s got more religion than the entire Mormon church.”

“We’re gonna have to bring a lot more guys out here. Feisty bunch, aren’t they?!”

“I hate it when I’m right.”

“How are things going for you guys?”
“We’ve just initiated a siege.”

Cully: “Hey, maybe it’s activated by PSYCHIC POWER.”
Mulligan: “Are you saying this aloud?”
Cully: “Yes. Sarcastically.”

Will this be another Wako? Will Cully end up getting a Starbucks loyalty card? Will Mulligan descend into "the Dude"? Find out in the next exciting instalment of Delta Green!