Gitmo's got nothing on Nebraska

Joining the very Special Agents Mulligan and Cully is a US Marshal, Robert E Bones, who has taken some time out from trying to hunt down Dr Richard Kimble. We're also going to get another player coming along in a few weeks, so that'll be fun.

Anyway, this time, we've been called to Hayden, somewhere in Nebraska, where we got caught in a freak hailstorm and needed to see a mechanic. A man claiming alien involvement went crazy and beat his wife to death. Might it have something to do with the big radio telescope array outside of town? There's only one way to find out ...

Courtesy of Wednesday 17 July 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“This one has fairly well-trained chimera.”
“Who will still eat you.”

“Oh myyyy! … Congratulations, you’ve made me Takei.”

“I’m not sure what US Marshals do.”
“Chase Harrison Ford?”

“A statute of limitation for spoilers, is there such a thing?”
“There should be.”

“We won the Second World War. Is that a spoiler?”

“They’ve been there over ten years and still haven’t resolved the wasp problem and ant problem.”
“I solved the ant problem! I made them into pets!”

“I’m now Robert E Bones and the circle is complete.”

“Yes, tell me more of the things I’m supposed to know of.”

GM: “Conspiracy nut? I’m hurt. He was just a really thorough researcher.”

“You have a Banjo skill?”
“But WHY?!”
“To be able to play the banjo. Duuh.”

“I dislike everyone who isn’t Texan.”
“At least you’re consistent. That means you’re not racist.”

“Even Jamie Lee Curtis ended up on the cutting room floor. THAT’S how A-list Buckaroo Banzai is!”

“Are you sizing up his weapon?”
“Inspecting his bulges.”

“It’s not really evil me, it’s just me.”

GM: “It’s currently a heat wave.”
Player: “So we can basically LARP this.”

“So how do you feel about the colour green? And what’s your favourite Greek letter?”
“You just failed your subtlety roll.”

“How do you feel about things that can’t be destroyed or injured?”
“Like tanks?”
“And Chuck Norris.”

Bones: “People can tell you’re Feds from about a mile away. You know that, right?”

“I failed my Drive roll by less this time, though.”
“Not exactly the thing you want to hear from your designated driver.”

“I’m not using Apple Maps, by the way, because I’d like to know where I’m going.”
“Cynical but true.”

“We’re not cynical, we’re experienced.”

GM: “There are a lot of insects around.”
Mulligan: “I take out my notepad with a list of omens. I’m ticking off the box for Plague of Locusts.”

“I’m gonna cut your heart out and be happy about it! Smile, please!”

“Did you cackle evilly at them?”
“Oh yeah.”

“It’s okay because he has a banjo.”

“Gitmo’s got nothing on Nebraska.”

“If you want to murder someone, Forensics for Dummies will give you great ideas.”

“What we need is someone who runs slightly slower than we do.”
“And looks tasty.”

“I could be an FBI computer analyst.”
“Ooh, or instead of FBI, NCIS!”

Hopefully the weather isn't quite as balmy next time, although it does help with characterisation, so that Bones and Mulligan can go out to the radio telescope array and Cully can autopsy a dead body.