This would make a great PowerPoint presentation

Once we got back to the hotel after a good day's work, we went to sleep ... and woke up in the middle of the night, because of a storm. Outside, a big, red sphere hanging in the air ... with eyes ... It caused a crapload of SAN to be lost (enough to kill off two characters) - and then we woke up. It had never happened. Still scared the willies out of us, though.

Well, aside from Mulligan, that is. He's come to terms with his own mortality that puny things like that don't cause him to lose Sanity.

We also met the car mechanic again. First, he whistled a tune across the street - and then he came at us with a tyre iron. Some grappling and handcuffing later, we finally had to tazer him to stop him from killing himself. Yes, it's against protocol and our training, but then again, neither are how to deal with the Old Gods.

Courtesy of Wednesday 14 August 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“I need a surname for my mermaid.”
“Scaleycrotch? See, it meets with crowd approval.”

Mulligan: “You did get some SAN loss from shooting the little girl, didn’t you?”
Cully: “Yes.”
Player: “Sounds like my kind of game.”

“It’s all about MacGyvering weaponry.”

“If you blag something, you normally get a blagged response. MR POKERFACE.”

“Google broke the last adventure, it’ll break this one too!”

McAffe: “What sort of thing do you people do?!”
Mulligan: “I’ll show you the PowerPoint later.”

“I was with you right until the pseudo-science bullshit.”

“So we’re already at the ‘let’s take off and nuke it from space’ stage.”

“I said it was a plan, not that it was a GOOD plan.”

McAffe: “PLEASE tell me this is the PowerPoint presentation.”

“It’s tradition to go insane, though.”

GM: “You lose 45 SAN.”
Player: “Did you just say 45?!”

“I almost succeeded. That doesn’t really cut it. It’s like being a little bit pregnant.”

GM: “You lose 87 SAN and you’ve only been here ten minutes.”

“That is MEAN GMing. I LIKE it.”

“There’s definitely something weird going on.”

“Your phone rings.”
“Shoot it!”

Player: “No one’s traumatised?”
GM: “No one’s talking about red spheres with big eyes, nope.”

Mulligan: “Come and sit down.”
McAffe: “I don’t need a PowerPoint presentation!”

Cully: “Hang on, ‘elder gods’? I’m a Roman Catholic, there is only one God … and you’re an Atheist!”

“Mulligan is like the LEAST reassuring guy EVER.”

“We should steal S.”
“Some people would take offense at that.”

“It’s better that you break now than break when the zombies are coming.”

McAffe (to Bones): “Are these guys for real?!”

“You’re more insane than the adventure.”
“No, he’s just as insane as we suspected he was.”

“I didn’t see the things that weren’t there. That was you guys last night.”

“There’s nothing weird about the Bootes constellation.”
“It’s not named after mythology. That’s kind of weird.”

“Did you ask if the man had a nightmare last night?”
“No, we didn’t want to be creepy.”

“The tazer is the weapon of choice for the compassionate humanist.”

Bones: “He’s more humane than I am. I tried to shoot him with my Glock.”

“To do that, you’d need about a foot of rubber.”
“… I have obviously walked in on the conversation at the wrong time.”

“Psychotic AND sociopathic. That’s a BAD combination.”

We are bad, bad people. See you next week!