Don’t worry, it’s only the end of the world!

We went to bed, and in the middle of the night, Bones receives a phonecall from an unidentified source, saying the radio telescope must be stopped or Ghroth (?) would come sooner rather than later. Mulligan has taken to wearing ear plugs at night, and didn't hear Bones banging on the door. McAffe did, but told him to shove off. Cully lent him a sceptical ear, and got the other two out of bed. Early in the morning, we headed back out to the telescope array ...

And were very nearly run off the road by some lunatic surveyor, whose tires we had to shoot out to get him to stop. An ambulance was called, because the man did not appear to be at all well. In Hayden, we - or rather, McAffe - drove over someone's leg, but he was lying in the middle of the road because apparently the poorliness was contagious. And the garage we visited last week was ablaze.

Finally made it out to the telescope array, where we were shot at, but Bones shot back. Unfortunately, for purposes of finding clues, he's a very good shot and blew the guy's brains out. But at least he shot first. (Anyone telling you differently is lying. Yesss siree.)

What then followed were Mulligan pestering telescope staff for information, McAffe and the ever increasingly paranoid Bones going through chalets searching for clues (seeing as how Bones shot the clue we had), and Cully played CSI with the crime scene. It all had a sense of impending doom over it. Is the end of the adventure nigh?

Courtesy of Wednesday 28 August 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“I’ve always wanted to shoot a wasp with a shotgun, loaded with salt pellets.”

“I wasn’t in character at the time, but did you know I switched the sun off and on?”

“So the accent is basically ‘fucking foreign’.”

“You’re confusing me. If I wasn’t confused enough already.”

“It was something about the fourth dimension and eight degrees.”
“Are you sure it wasn’t the FIFTH dimension and THREE degrees? Because both of those are bands from the 70s.”

Cully: “McAffe, it’s me. You need to come to my room. NOW.”
McAffe: “Look, I don’t do that sort of thing on or off the job. – End call.”
Cully: “Call back: That was not an invitation to sexual conduct!”

“Sandwiches? What are you, a school boy? A scout?”

(Mulligan reads off a list of the stuff he’s transferring from one car to another)
GM: “I’m already having to make a San roll!”

McAffe: “You’re a bit over the top.”
Mulligan: “You saw the PowerPoint presentation, right?”

Mulligan: “It’s nothing to worry about.”
Bones: “Nothing to worry about?! Something that might eat the whole world?!”

“Don’t worry, it’s only the end of the world!”

“Has the patient we brought in started eating spiders?”

“Keep calm, don’t even think about the impending apocalypse.”

(We’ve just run someone over)
Player: “Is there a guy in a raincoat nearby?”
GM: “I’ll just roll my San.”

McAffe: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”
Mulligan: “Just because you’re quoting Star Trek …”

Bones: “Do I think I’ve given him enough time to react?”
GM: “You’ve given him enough time to AIM.”

GM: “He returns fire.”
Bones: “How rude!”
GM: “He misses.”
Bones: “I’m fine with him missing.”

“Oh my god, you shot what’s-his-face!”

“I can’t believe the Texan shot the lead.”

McAffe: “Why a Texan?”
Bones: “Because we’re reliable shots, man!”

“We can go in here, where there isn’t a dead body. I don’t say that out loud, by the way.”
“Why not? It’s the sort of thing you normally say when you’re trying to be reassuring!”

Mulligan (to Bones): “I’ve fought monsters toe to toe, and you know what? You SCARE me.”

“I think you could have pushed him to trying to commit murder.”
“You’re just trying to create another justifiable homicide.”

McAffe: “You stand outside. Guard the perimeter.”
Bones (nods): “I save the world.”
Player: “You know it’s bad when he dresses up as a cheerleader.”

“We’re not making you paranoid, are we?”

“If they’re tied up, there’s no reason to use weapons or brute force.”
“And you call ME crazy.”

“We could borrow some C4.”
“C4 is not really something you borrow, because you can’t give it back.”

“While we’re all busy paranoiding each other …”

“That’s a brilliant idea. It’s almost as if you guys have played roleplaying games before.”

“Next week WILL be the last session if someone hands me some C4.”
“Could Mr Bones please come to reception? There’s a package waiting.”

If we're true to form, next session won't be the last of this adventure. If we go against that, it will be. Guess we'll have to wait and see!