Play it again until I kill someone!

We stayed around the radio telescope and continued the investimagations and interrogations. McAffe tried to convince Bones to break into the chalets, while Mulligan continued to bully the telescope staff. Trying to find the wifi password (they didn't have a guest network, go fig), McAffe ended up using his hacking skillz in order to grant him and Cully internet access in order to do background checks on staff.

And then hell broke loose. Literally.

A maniac came after Bones and nearly beat him to death with a baseball bat, and when patched up by McAffe, he was so preoccupied with saving the world that Cully had to sedate him and handcuff him to to a bed as he really was in no shape to save anything.

Then there was lots of shooting of telescopes, re-pointing where the telescopes thought the general direction of the Nemesis Star was so that it wouldn't be found again, and some kind of strange being helped in the destruction of said radio telescopes.

But umm, we all made it out alive, and with our sanities intact, so that's another job well done for X Cell!

Courtesy of Wednesday 4 September 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“Gotta love real-world naivet√©.”

Swede 1: “People at work are very suspicious when I bring in sweets.”
Swede 2: “I can’t see why.”
(The three Brits in the party exchange looks)

“No! I can see the flames! Anything that comes packaged in flames, I’m not going to ingest. Even K turned it down!”

“You’ve been meta-gaming your sweets.”

“No, no, no, no, no no no!”
“There’s no limit?”

Swede 1: “I bought £44 worth of salty liquorice.”
Player (to Swede 2): “He puts you to SHAME.”

GM: “It’s about 9 in the morning …”
Player: “Oh yeah, we’re roleplaying.”

“I see your suspicion and raise you a frown.”

Bones: “You’re setting me up!”
McAffe: “I’m doing no such thing! We’re FBI, we don’t do that to our own people.”
Bones: “I’m US Marshal …”
McAffe: “Exactly!”

GM: “They’re really big raindrops.”
Player: “There’ll be frogs in a minute.”

Player 1: “Is she undressing in there?”
Player 2: “If she was, there’d be 70s music playing. Is there 70s music playing?”
GM: “No.”

“That’s not a Feds thing, it’s a HIM thing.”

Cully: “Do any of them have criminal records?”
GM: “No, they’re all law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.”
Player: “They pay tax? That’s dodgy.”

(Singing) “Killing elder gods is haaaard tooooo do!”

Cully: “At least lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice.”
Mulligan: “Actually, that’s a misnomer, it’s MORE likely to strike in the same place twice. I could tell him that, it’ll make him feel much better.”
Cully: “It’s what you normally do.”

“Play it again until I kill someone!”

“It’s basically an alien Lordi rock band you’re listening to.”

“Wing him!”
“We’ve already established that doesn’t work in this system.”
“That’s why I said it!”

“These dice will be the death of you.”
“They will be, at this rate.”

“This could be your lucky day.”
“What, with the lightning?”

“Why didn’t you try to shoot him?”
“Because he’s insane!”

(to Cully) “YAY! You’ve killed your second kid of the adventure!”

GM: “It’s a very clean and tidy room.”
Player: “Not anymore.”

GM: “Make … running away rolls!”

Bones: “Don’t trust him, he’s the great betrayer!”
McAffe: “ON ORDERS!”
Mulligan: “Yeah, your OWN orders.”
McAffe: “SHUSH!”

“Why did you text Mulligan? It’s Cully that kills kids.”

Crying child NPC: “Why are you?”
McAffe: “Trying to save your life! Shut up!”
Player: “I like your style of child-rearing.”

McAffe: “Aim the MP5 at the telescope. Empty the magazine.”
Bones: “FINALLY!”
McAffe: “I’m beginning to see the Texan’s point of view.”

“You’re chasing me for sanity now. That’s good to know.”

“Sometimes the mind makes merciful deletions.”

“I say we nuke the place.”
“That’s not really practical, though.”

McAffe: “Mulligan! Snap out of it!”
Mulligan: “This is me thinking, you shithead.”
McAffe: “Exactly! Snap out of it!”

GM: “It’s not an easy adventure to complete, but it seemed interesting, so I ran it.”

And that's all for Delta Green for now, folks! Next session is set to be boardgaming as we'll be a player down, and then we're going to try our hands at a new GM and a new roleplaying game!