Oh well. What's a Royal Ball?

Doc seems to have taken the lead (he can namedrop Luke Skywalker et al and have the selfies to proove it) wanted some scouting to be done in the capital of Gerrenthum. The obvious (?) choice for this were Konvoru and Nole, who got on so famously last session. One was to gather intel, the other keep an eye out for security.

Stopping at a local market, an NPC suggested that he had some intel to part with ... for 100k worth of credits. Our current party funds are in the region of 160. (That's 160.00 not 160k.) Nole, probably because he's spent a lot of money in such establishments, suggested they might raise some cash if Kon took her top off. This did not go down well with her. At all.

The charming NPC offered the group a job as alternative means of payment (transport some goods to a Hutt) and offered to take Konvoru to dinner later that night. This later happened, although she decided to pick Rhan as a bodyguard instead of Nole for reasons unfathomable to the latter and unknown to the former. Probably a good thing that she did, because on the way back, they were being shot at, but Rhan managed to kill six people in one round of firing.

Meanwhile back at base Doc continued to plot the upcoming assassination of the governor, when not busy making people pancakes for breakfast and recounting when he met Luke Skywalker. NG wasn't impressed by this, seeing as he had served as a medical droid previously and helped patch him up. Did you know Luke's hand is only a version 2?

Courtesy of Monday 1 February 2016's Fantasy Flight Star Wars roleplaying session at Chimera.

Star Wars Roleplaying Game

“He texted around 5:30 so I reckon he’s out of work by now.”
“He’s been fired?!”

“I survived your high-5, can I have a sticker or a badge or something?”

“If we’re playing for longer, can we have XP?”

“WE have group finances. YOU don’t.”
“But I have the party sheets.”

(After someone came over, asked what we were doing and then wandered off again)
“Did we ignore it and it went away?”
“I think so.”

GM: “You could throw me away but it would be detrimental to the game.”

“I’m getting more and more like Hannibal, should I put XP into that?”
“Why are you crossing the Alps?”

“Screw you!”
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? But you can’t have my guns.”

“Mind tricks don’t work on me, only stereotypes.”

NPC: “I can find you things.”
Nole: “For a finder’s fee? Fuck off!”
Player: “Why did we send those two?”

NPC: “Ah, the transmission from our beloved dictator. Did I put enough sarcasm in that? BELOVED dictator.”

(when we would need to hand over 100k credits for some information)
Nole: “Show ‘em your tits, Kon.”
NPC: “Although a fine specimen of your species ...”
Konvoru: “See this hand? It’s hitting your face. - Behave!”
GM: “You are slapped.”
NPC: “It wouldn’t quite cover the cost.”
Nole (shrugs): “Some people pay a lot of money for that sort of thing.”

NPC: “It’s all fairly legitimate.”
Nole: “‘Fairly’?”
GM: “He gives you a wry grin.”

“Stop flirting and get on with it.”

“It becomes harder and harder to GM with a table full of GMs.”

NG: “He exploded in some manner. I choose not to explode.”

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Actually, it’s neither.”

“Are we in Germany? It feels like Germany.”
“Have you SEEN Episode VII?”
“Are we in Germany? It feels like Germany.”

Konvoru: “I’m still not showing my breasts!”
Nole: “It’s okay, I prefer human ones.”
GM: “Raaaacist.”

Konvoru: “Gentlemen.”
NG: “Meatbag.”
Rhan: “NG, be nice.”

Rhan: “Yooooooou harlot.”
Konvoru’s player: “Do you say that?”
GM: “I feel another hand-face coming.”

“I want to make it a group decision.” (to flip a light side point)
“You can go fuck yourself.”

“They’re criminals? Really? I’m not.”
“I may be a little.”

Konvoru: “I have a meeting tonight and need a bodyguard. Nole doesn’t quite cut it.”
Rhan: “Why? What did he do?”
Konvoru: “That’s beside the point.”

Player 1 (singing): “Go Force lightning, you’re really burning up that flesh. Go Force lightning! Go Force lightning!”
Player 2: “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

(Nole comes to ask when he needs to be ready for bodyguarding)
Konvoru: “I won’t require your services tonight.”
Nole: “Good. I don’t want to go to that stupid party anyway.”
GM (singing): “Aaaaaaall by myseeeeelf ...”
Player (wistful, to Nole’s player): “Vad är väl en bal på slottet?”*

Konvoru: “Are you commenting on my breasts or anything?”
Rhan: “No.”
Konvoru: “Good.”

GM: “He’s not like ‘show us yer tits’ or anything.”
Player: “Maybe Nole could take lessons from him.”

“Oh god, could we NOT play 50 Shades of Star Wars?”

“Wanna go for a business dinner ‘round the back of the bike shed?”

“It’s so much butter that if she was toast, she’d be soaked.”

“When did this turn into Carry On Star Wars?”

GM: “I’m going to associate with this side of the table ...” (leans closer to Nole’s player)
Nole: “Yeah. All I did was to suggest she take her top off. For money.”

NG: “My mechanic senses are tingling. Something’s about to need fixing.”

“I get a lot of bad feelings on this planet.”

“It was a fucking amazing shot if I do say so myself.”

GM: “Miss harlot, is there anything you want to do?”
Player: “That’s Mzz harlot to you!”

GM: “After 15 minutes of this, Dirge is ready to stab himself in the eye with a fork.”
Player: “Why, what’s Konvoru done?”
GM: “Talked about flower arrangement, at great length and detail.”

Doc: “The Jedi aren’t a myth.”
Player: “You should know, you’ve followed a few!”

“The Jedi are coming back.”
“Just remember the state of the Jedi in Episode VII. This guy doesn’t have a bright future.”

Player: “Also: I think Kon fancies him.”
Kovoru: “I do, but I won’t admit to that or you’ll call me a harlot again.”

“Do we want him as a contact?”
“CONTACT, not a booty call!”

GM: “So that’s a yes, yes, and ...?”
Nole: “GUNS.”
GM: “... And guns.”

Yes, we're going to have more sessions of this than initially planned. :D

* See post title for translation. Every Swede knows this Cinderella quote by heart.