Apparently I'm going to Tolkeen

In this session, Booker was finally told that Gorbash can remove the symbiote off his back. Problem is, the symbiote is quite handy to have ... even if it is a Splugorth creation/abomination. But when it saves your life, you know, you sort of get attached to it. Or it's some kind of Stockholm Syndrome going on.

Speaking of Gorbash, he thinks the Cyber-knights should set up a council or something to police their knights and such to ensure that they don't go rogue (like that Josh guy), because Cyber-knights are supposed to be the pinnacle of something or other. Though Jayson explained that there are sometimes people like Josh who are the exceptions to confirm the rules, Cyber-knights are not 100% infallible, because they're still human.

Courtesy of Monday 12 September 2016's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“Did I get to talk to the necromancer, or did you murder him?”

“I haven’t killed any humans in this campaign.”

GM: “Browncoats? Let’s not call the baddies Browncoats. Brown robes.”

“…Which these two muppets – it’s a word I picked up recently in Magestar.”

“I’m pulling out ten d6 for no reason.”

Booker: “Don’t get me wrong, Barry’s uncomfortable to sleep with …”

Booker: “I’ve tried very hard not to kill every single person I’ve come across. Apart from that Kizard, I’ve done really well.”

GM: “How does Booker feel about this? The GM needs to know.”

Booker: “I have a fairly large bounty on my head.”
Player: “All I can think of now is picturing you with a big chocolate bar on your head.”

Shemarrian: “Does the worthless male still need our protection?”
Player (to Booker): “One minute you’re the Chosen One, next you’re a worthless male.”

“Gorbash’s new name is Gestapo.”
“I only wanted to open communications with symbiotes and such – he wants to kill the Jews.”

“Apparently I’m going to Tolkeen. I don’t know why, I just have a feeling that’s where I’m heading.”

To be continued!