We are the best-looking party ever

Moving deeper into Coalition State ...

Courtesy of Monday 26 September 2016's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“After all these years of living in this country, you should have learned to lower your expectations!”

“I have an idea.”
“I don’t like it when he says that.”

“First of all: we’re never giving you up or letting you down, but we are currently running around and deserting each other.”

“Also: your character sucks. Shots fired!”

“We are the best-looking party ever.”

“We’re like a party of bards.”
“That should be our cover: we’re a rock band!”

“You could be an elf woman! You haven’t been an elf yet.”
“Why would I want to be an elf in Coalition State?”

“I spent time doing them as REAL forgeries.”

“Somewhere Jerry’s going ‘he’s paying me really well. He’s paying me really well. He’s paying me really well’.”

“Do you have some kind of camouflage button?”
“Lever? Gauge? Device?”

“You need to work on your sarcasm.”

Gorbash: “If you’re bored I could always have sex with you to pass the time. It seems to be what people do.”

Booker: “Note to self: go to Quebec, hire a platoon of Glitter-boys. We can afford it.”
Player 1: “You keep saying that. Eventually the money’s going to run out.”
Player 2: “That’s why he’s got the Glitter-boys. To get more money.”

To be continued!