The GM thinks this is a wonderful plan

We scouted out the bit around the nexus point. Turns out the Rakshasa structures around it were to protect from stuff coming through the nexus point, rather than protect from outside forces. The surrounding woodland was pretty much Narnia, what with all the stone statues everywhere.

A lot of prowling happened.

Gorbash has learned the Stone to Flesh spell, so he can turn the statues back into people, and practised it by turning a perfectly ordinary not-previously-a-human stone to disturbing results. Would not recommend.

Fact-finding mission done, we later decided to go back and attack the devils who had taken it over, because better the devils you know. (Yeah, that the Rakshasa are the good guys here (sort of) was painful to admit.) Right?

Courtesy of Monday 19 June 2017's Rifts roleplaying session.

“What I said about the film wasn’t that bad.”
“No, but the film was.”
(Mamma Mia)

GM: “You just need to put the effort in.”
Player: “Effort is my middle name. And first name. And surname.”

“Booker, acquirer of shit and symbiotes.”
“And bad contracts, apparently.”

GM: “You’re scouting through the forest.”
Player (singing): “Ooh de lally, ooh de lally, golly what a day!”

Player 1: “What skill?”
GM: “Prowl. Is that a skill the Cyber-Knight doesn’t have?”
Player 2: “Whaaaaat?!”

(justifying ogling a scantily clad female)
Booker: “I’m a man and I don’t have anything in particular to do right now.”
Jayson: “Ditto.”

Booker: “Our lives are much more valuable [than the NPCs]. After all, I AM the Chosen One.”

“There’s a Gorgon.”
“Is it called Zola?”

Player: “We had a Shifter.”
GM: “Yeah, I murdered her.”

GM: “Dragons!” (shakes fist) “Bane of game masters sometimes!”

Player: “This is not a bad plan. This is not a bad plan. This is not a bad plan. This is not a bad plan.”
GM: “The game master thinks this is a wonderful plan.”

GM: “I’ll roll a d3.” (picks up die) “That’s a d4. Oh yeah, a d3 is just a normal d6.”

GM: “Desiccate the supernatural. You horrible person.”

“Are you saying we should let her turn a few people into stone so we won’t have to pay them?”

GM (to Jayson): “It’s a good thing you’re not there.”
Jayson: “Or a very bad thing.”

“I wasn’t cooking it. I’m not sure you’d want to try long-stone.”

Booker: “You’ve passed your test, Gorbash.”
Gorbash: “Really? It didn’t feel like a test. It felt as if you wanted me to murder people.”

“21 versus the world. Those are … good odds …”

“Try to avoid blowing up stone people because they might be … people.”

“I’m not wasting shots for mist purposes.”

GM: “Don’t kill my Shock Dragons. They’re cute.”

GM: “You can’t just leave a dragon there in the sky.”

“Now that you have a sellable trait that can be abused for profit …”

Gorbash: “I’m going to get a lava staff.”
Booker: “Well …”
Gorbash: “I’m. Going. To get. A lava staff. Or I will be greatly perturbed.”

To be continued!