Why do our plans keep succeeding?

We went through the portal and had a nosey, dressed up as cultists. It ended up with us throwing fusion blocks at them and their apparent leader in a corridor ...

Courtesy of Monday 9 April 2018's Rifts roleplaying session.

GM: “The person you saw casting that spell won’t be casting it again.”

“The Kizzard was in the way!”
“Of what, your bullets?”

GM: “I give free gifts, and what do I get? Abuse.”

Player: “If you’re giving people gifts it would be helpful if you let us know what they’re used for.”
GM: “Where’s the fun in that?”

“I’m gonna try to not shoot first.”
“I said TRY, not succeed.”

GM: “There are a lot of people here to kill.”
Player: “I’m trying to resist the urge.”

“Which part of saving the world did you miss?”

GM: “And you see him trying to get revenge for his–”
Player: “Tragic Past?”

“He’s a merc! I can talk to him, he’s my people.”

“So we’re getting a glorious send-off.”
“It doesn’t have to be THAT glorious.”

Player: “Fusion blocks is our starting plan.”
GM: “It’s always your END plan!”

GM (flicking through book): “I need to see what fusion blocks do. But it’s not under weapons, IS IT.”
Player: “It should be.”

“Son of a bitch! Why do our plans keep succeeding?”

“Roll high.”
“That’s not that high.”

“So when do fusion blocks actually get moved to weaponry?”`

Player: “We could actually win this.”
GM: “Never. The game master won’t allow that.”

To be continued!