Stop rolling 20! This isn’t D&D!

We made it to Thistle Hold! Finally Elindra and Valgai can hand Murmei off to Master Vernam and not have to hear his inane prattle! Unfortunately, things were not that simple, because of course they weren't.

On the way there we were ran into by a peasant girl who was being chased by some thugs claiming to be witch hunters. As they were shouting something about being witch hunters and "stop that girl" and such, she was apprehended by Elindra, who happens to be a witch hunter. As things turned out, the girl wasn't a witch, because of course she wasn't. (It was like the 1600s all over again.)

At Master Vernam's we were greeted by a servant woman, who had only just come back home and found a most gruesome scene in her master's study. It seems the Flayer running around in town had got to him too. OR HAD S/HE? The skin next to the body seemed to belong to someone entirely different - are we looking for a sorcerer who uses other people's skin as a disguise? But why have they taken Master Vernam, and seemingly want to frame the elves for the murders?

Courtesy of Monday 1 October 2018's Symbaroum session.

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Valgai: “We’d have to listen to Murmei. Is it worth it?”
Elindra: “We already have to listen to him.”
GM: “You don’t HAVE to listen to him, but you’d get 1d4 extra damage if you did.”

“I still didn’t get the Hammer of Precision.”
“You couldn’t have used it anyway.”
“That’s not the point.”

GM: “It’s very difficult to get citizenship in Thistle Hold.”
Player: “Do you have to get permanent residency, do a language test and a test of local knowledge and then pay 1300 Thaler?”
GM: “Not far off.”
Player: “Have they recently had a referendum about leaving the area?”

“This can only end in, like … a dozen different ways.”

“I’ve heard of his exploits in Random Village Name.”

Elindra: “I haven’t killed anyone in a while, so I’m getting antsy.”

Elindra: “You’ve attacked a member of the Queen’s Panzer!”
Murmei: “And slightly intimidated a noble’s son!”

“I’m just gonna do a normal attack on him, because (to dice) AT SOME POINT you’re gonna ROLL LOW.”

GM: “As the door slowly opens …”
Player: “The servant Hulks out and becomes a monster?”
GM: “No, that would be far too easy.”

GM: “You recognise the writing on the wring as Elvish.”
Player: “‘One Ring to Rule Them All’.”

Player 1: “That’s a nice 20 from you again there.”
Player 2 (to d20): “Stop rolling 20! This isn’t D&D!”

“Why do you not have Acrobatics?”
“There were only so many skills I was allowed to get!”

GM (singing): “Oops, I did it again; I murdered your friend …”

Valgai: “You can tell if it’s a man or a woman, right?”
Elindra: “I’ve murdered enough men.”

“Okay, Master Vernam’s dead again.”

Valgai: “We’re not playing good cop/bad cop for the rest of this campaign, murderous assassin! I’m neutral cop.”
Player: “No, you’re in armour. You’re RoboCop.”

To be continued!