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Impatience is a virtue

Flatpacked in the name of

Zombies with a foot fetish

We're building a vacuuminator

Pretending we're in Venice and not Baton Rogue

Get out of my guts!

Everyone's killing innocents, why can't I?

Sit down, shut up and roll initiative

Can we just call this 'The Monumental Fuck-up'?

We are the best-looking party ever

Sixth Sense has been going off since I met you guys

Apparently I'm going to Tolkeen

I don't get out of bed for less than 40 MDC

There are no nice guys in this game

The OTHER Black Forest

Thank god we're not actual Russians

Are we in an extended Shakespeare metaphor?

Does a low roll mean you fail early or very, very late?

You make Samurai sound like dicks

What Would Booker Do?

We're nice and very comforting people

Let's see if Nxla can be distracted by ice cream

Impatience is a virtue

Opening the portal is less epic and poetic than I imagined

Don't even PRETEND this was part of the plan!

Is Booker a good person?

Awesome spells are awesomely silly

Rapid fire!!

Stop making me out to be space Jesus!

We need manpower, morale and proton torpedoes!

Even bad guys have a bad feeling about this

And now we learn that weird means friend

No prejudices, but ...

Apparently I have the Force

The Rebels made their presence known today

Oh well. What's a Royal Ball?

Can we take off with a forest inside the engine?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away from taste and decency