We're middle management with magnet armour

The GM started regretting he set this adventure in Forbidden Realms rather than a non-D&D setting right about when the ranger/druid character (Elania) thought it would be a great idea to use the local fauna as miners.

Was this before or after we had a great debate about cold versus hot custard? Because that was a thing. Hot custard vs cold vaniljsås. Your mileage may vary depending on if you're British or Swedish.

Anyhoo. Game-wise we headed south, and entered a thing called Land's Mouth, which is some kind of opening to another dimension or something like that. The map looked like a diagram of female anatomy, at any rate. There was a crashed sky city in there, and creatures that drew metal spikes and swords out of their arms in a decidedly creepy way.

Courtesy of Monday 16 October 2017's Godbound session.

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“The fact that you had to think about it before deciding if the free price was worth watching Transformers 5 shows it wasn’t.”

“We come back and everything’s a war zone.”
“Bet you it was my guys who started it!”

GM: “Distance to Cormyr is about one, two, three, four, five …”
Player: “Centimetres?”

“I could turn all three into dragons!”
“And the GM goes ‘oh fuck’.”

GM: “They worship the god above you.”
Player: “We’re middle management.”

“It took him this long and not being here, but finally he was right! There IS a Swedish conspiracy!”

“That makes it three people who are right instead of two!”
“No, just three people who are wrong.”

Denny: “I’ll make a wagon!”
GM: “Five minutes later, there’s a wagon.”
Player 1: “Show-off.”
Player 2: “I like it, though.”

GM: “Telha.”
Player 1: “Tell her what?”
GM: “Tell her she’s a bitch.”
Player 2: “It’s a he, isn’t it?”
GM: “Yes, that’s why I love the irony.”

GM: “There’s a scale here on the map somewhere.”
Player: “Zero to far away?”

“So you’re going to use umber hulks to do mining for you?”
“Yes. It’s almost like they were made for it. Oh wait, they were!”

“What is the Dragoncoast known for?”
“No, that’s you.”

“Friends don’t usually nail each other to walls.”

“For being an evil necromancer, he needs to practice a bit.”

Player: “So his Fray die did more damage than his normal die.”
GM: “We don’t talk about that!”

“You know the magnet you put on your armour? Maybe you should take that off.”

“This d20 was ostracised for a week. Let’s see if it’s learned its lesson.”

“It missed! Where’s my magnet gone?”

“Ooh, it’s a hit! What have you done with the die?!”

GM: “What can he do?”
Player: “He can taunt him a second time!”

To be continued!