This is the way to Amarillo

First session after our holiday break, and during our break stuff happened over the internet. Booker went to Dweomer to find out stuff about a weapon, Gorbash and Jayson went to Psyscape to ... also find out stuff. Stuff was found out.

Booker also managed to marry his girlfriend Joan the Cyber-knight, and when we all finally met up at Blackstone Juggernauts HQ again, Booker had plastic surgery to change his face to be less recognisable and also he's now using the name Barnabas Dayeson. I might not be spelling that correctly.

I wonder if moon flu is flammable

In a break from regular scheduled programming, he's a session from a few weeks ago, when we were supposed to have a one-shot session of Gamma World, which turned out not to be finished, so we'll continue at some point.

The group of mutants (the GM and one of the players are making their first appearance here on the blog - hi guys!) assembled on a keelboat headed for Fargo. It didn't get to Fargo, it got to some place where the sandy ground was turning into glass. A big metallic worm robot thing told us its task was to terraform the planet, despite our protestations. Fargo, it said, had been wiped out. It then decided to suck up a lot of water and turn it into sulphuric acid. Fortunately, before this, it ate the boat and spat it out much improved, so we were able to get the heck away from there.

To Fargo, as it happened. There was a horse and a bunny and some other creatures there. Turned out the bunny had some kind of robot eye-arm stuck in its brain, which we got rid of. (Not that the bunny seemed at all grateful for it.)

We used the mechanical eye-arm to lure out a bigger thing, made of goo, from a kind of pyramid structure. It made a noise to turn everyone against each other, making Jetstream use her flamethrower to make Orson into calamari, but we could play at that game too and so almost accidentally commanded it to kill itself.

On the inside the pyramid contained a massive pool of green goo and a person who didn't seem too happy to see us. And then a bigger thing came out.

  • Cecil, a plastic ladybird who used to be a children's toy and therefore hates everyone
  • Gunther von Lunar, a vampiric plaguebearer from THE MOON!
  • Jetstream, a regenerating speedster with a short attention span
  • Mr Johnson, a seismic shapeshifter
  • Orson, a hypercognitive octopoid former biker and also scientist

Is Archie short for Arch Enemy?

In the aftermath of taking down big-ass flying battlestation we came across an android calling itself A-51, proclaiming to work for some guy called Archie, who seems shifty - but then apparently he has a whole book about him or something. A-51 said something in a foreign language, Gorbash translated by the cunning use of magic, and she bolted.

Found out later she was still following us, and may or may not have liked to hear Gorbash speaking Splugorth? We don't know. And she basically exploded in our faces.

We went back home, getting armours fixed, having the remnants of the robot examined, talking to Ixchal, trying to get Jayson a pay rise without telling him (because being all noble and "I couldn't possibly, won't someone think of the starving children in Tolkeen" or something), and oh, apparently now Splugorth wants Booker's head. Again. But for a more serious 40 million credits this time.

My Jetpack skill is called Gorbash

Once inside the bridge (or one of the bridges, at any rate) of the flying fortress thing - not to be confused with the Boeing B-17 bomber, which is considerably smaller - we had to set the charges ... or rather, we had to work on opening the doors, setting the fuse (or whatever), chucking the bombs and getting the hell out of there.

We had seven tries before they'd blow up in our face. We got the door open on the sixth.

After that we just had to try and find our way to the outside, somehow, and then literally jump ship. Thankfully we're friends with a dragon, so some thrilling aerobatics later and we were safely on the ground, having severely incapacitated a big-ass flying fortress. With the cunning use of a vengeful dragon and some dragon friends and an air elemental. We have the best of friends, clearly!

From Splugorth with love

We got inside the flying fortress, somehow, and tried working the computer terminals to figure out where in this massive construction we were supposed to be headed in order to place the bombs ... and then we struggled a little to actually open the doors to where we were going.

We did decide that we were basically season four of Babylon 5, the plan being to have a big finale of the series, trying to cram everything in ... and then we find out last minute we got renewed after all and so then have to make up season five. Well, that's provided we actually survive this thing, because let's face it, the odds are not in our favour here.

This looks like a job for fusion blocks!

Sooo ... Gorbash went and had a chat with one of his dragon friends, and now we're apparently supposed to go on some kind of suicide mission because attacking a flying fortress - the Death Star, basically - is somehow a reasonable thing to do???

Captured by a wine storm

It's been a long time, but we're now back in Rifts for a while. We took care of some rescues and went back to Magestar ... by way of a ley line storm. The water turned into wine, and as a plot twist, the wine had healing properties. Surprise! Our armours were getting fixed, Booker reunited with his Cyber-knight girlfriend Joan, and after seeking the advice of a wizard, had Bally/Barry/the symbiote removed from him by Gorbash. The Chosen One is now a bit more squishy than before, especially as we gave away the protective medal to those White Rose people as a token of good faith.

I'm not foreshadowing or anything

Having defeated the group of spider creatures, we had eventually made it to the bottom of the stairs and found the other troll we were looking for, along with six trolls in a singing circle. That was the end of the last session.

In this session, we took on a couple of Spites - the creature that stung the trolls and infected them with murdery larvae! We also had to deal with the trolls, but the ones that were too far gone, we murderised and the ones that could be saved were knocked out and saved.

We realised that the Spites were coming out of a hole in the ground, and plugged it to stop further attacks. As a reward we were given the title "Defenders of Erdugald" and given a blue gem that will glow when Erdugal is threatened, which means we're supposed to come running to help save it again.

Oh, and it turns out that the Old Prios symbol Valgai's carrying is actually a spider symbol of some kind. THE PLOT THICKENS. Except not right now, because this is our last Symbaroum session for a bit. We're doing a few boardgaming sessions and then it's off back to either Godbound or Rifts, but we'll be back in Davokar eventually.

Spider bugmen shouldn't exist

The ominous footsteps turned out to belong to a group of enemies the GM wasn't entirely sure we'd manage to defeat before they murdered us (thanks) - but we did succeed. It took a while to beat all the Arachs and the mummy creature and draghouls and rage trolls with larvae goitres and stuff like that. It was messy.

Even Xanatha ended up getting permanent corruption, because "the Spider King rises" and it's all very bad when creepy spider bugmen type creatures attack. Especially when those aren't even supposed to exist, they should stay being a myth.

Erdugald isn't very nice, but on the plus side (which I meant to mention two posts ago but forgot) Valgai now has Witchsight, and that's ever so handy.

Is Davokar in Narnia?

Turned out that yes, ice trolls could get out. While we were camped up inside Elindra's witch circle, four of them came sniffing about, along with an abomination and an undead that sort of looked like a mummy. Luckily, we kept quiet and they went away - and we weren't going in the same direction anyway. Not that we got lost on the way or anything, not at all.

When we did get our bearings again and set off in the morning, we eventually came across a troll in fancy clothing, but he was badly injured. There was a stinger left in his neck - apparently he had been attacked when asleep - and his friends were infected too. With some nasty parasite thing, eww.

How to solve this? First by removing the stinger remnants so he can actually regenerate, and then by letting the pet spider poison the troll to kill off the parasite but not the troll - using healing to make sure of that.

Anyway, it turned out the troll was Damaka, one of the two trolls we were tasked by that arch troll to find. Well, here he is, and we just saved his life, yay! And there was Erdugald as well, the mysterious place, which turned out to look like a tower.

A very moist tower, that also played with our senses because we're not trolls. Going down into the structure we eventually came across a dead troll, who looked to have had the same idea as us, i.e. use poison to kill the parasite. Unfortunately he also killed himself in the process.

And then we heard FOOTSTEPS approaching ...

Killing with the cunning use of surprising the monster to death!

We came across a goblin stockade, which turned out to only be the door to an underground cave system, where a goblin called Arag was king. He didn't know the other goblin king we had befriended many sessions ago, but agreed we seemed nice and friendly and invited us (minus Elindra and spider, who were hiding at the time) inside.

The goblin turned out to have what we needed, and there was talk of Valgai poisoning the mead barrel and we could take some goblins with us to the lindworm, but Murmei thought it was somewhat barbaric to murder everyone, including children, when the goblin king was actually being really friendly and helpful.

While waiting, Elindra and the spider killed two of the guards outside and made it look like big spiders had attacked. Because that way we'd have snacks for the lindworm. It's just that inside, at the goblin party, the king was actually consenting to have a hunting party coming with us to slay said lindworm. Ho hum.

When the "spider attack" was discovered, the hunting party was sent out with us to try and find and kill the spider. Seeing as how the spider was obviously Hairy Dog, we were in a bit of a pickle ... And as the party divulged what had been learned in the cave, the WAY OUT appeared. The goblins were told to go "over there" and search and we'd search somewhere else and re-group later. Basically, we walked down the path to freedom and didn't look back.

Walking all night, on the edge of the forest, Valgai noticed something strange ... it was a big worm-creature of corruption rising up to stop us getting out of the creepy bubble thing. It failed, and again it was Murmei who got to land the killing blow, much to his surprise. But we got out, FINALLY.

And lastly, we came across an injured old elf in a burned down hut, with bodies of ice trolls around. The ... the ice trolls can actually leave Korratix' Domain?! Like the creepy wolf said they could?!

Maybe the next place we go is peaceful

So, having survived eight creatures last time, we were now face with three big ones and a boss - all thanks to the number of things we had slain in total. The forest is apparently keeping score.

After a brave fight, where none of us died, Murmei (!) managed to land the final blow on the Death Prince, much to his own surprise.

We decided to head back to Rafe the gardening wraith to stay the night, as it seemed relatively safe, and gave him one of the satnav flowers. The next day we used one of said flowers to find some more things: the colour of an elk, and an old wizard playing a convoluted boardgame with a raven.

While Elindra chatted away to the raven, Valgai had a chat with the wizard and traded questions and answers. As it happened, the wizard had cast a time stop spell and was waiting for the raven to die of old age (so he wouldn't have to part with his fancy wand artefact), but it was of course a magical raven, and the game had lasted for 300 years already. The wizard got the last bit of info he needed and disappeared.

Later on, we came across a number of realistic-looking stone statues and a basilisk that wanted us to go kill a lindworm and cut out its eyes as a trophy. It gave us a dragonslaying sword as help. Diplomatic as ever we gave the sword to the lindworm and tried to trade info, but it went so-so. It wants to snack on some tasty goblins, but we're friends with goblins these days, and besides, we've not actually found any so far, so how that'll work out is anyone's guess.