Monday, 8 February 2016

Oh well. What's a Royal Ball?

Doc seems to have taken the lead (he can namedrop Luke Skywalker et al and have the selfies to proove it) wanted some scouting to be done in the capital of Gerrenthum. The obvious (?) choice for this were Konvoru and Nole, who got on so famously last session. One was to gather intel, the other keep an eye out for security.

Stopping at a local market, an NPC suggested that he had some intel to part with ... for 100k worth of credits. Our current party funds are in the region of 160. (That's 160.00 not 160k.) Nole, probably because he's spent a lot of money in such establishments, suggested they might raise some cash if Kon took her top off. This did not go down well with her. At all.

The charming NPC offered the group a job as alternative means of payment (transport some goods to a Hutt) and offered to take Konvoru to dinner later that night. This later happened, although she decided to pick Rhan as a bodyguard instead of Nole for reasons unfathomable to the latter and unknown to the former. Probably a good thing that she did, because on the way back, they were being shot at, but Rhan managed to kill six people in one round of firing.

Meanwhile back at base Doc continued to plot the upcoming assassination of the governor, when not busy making people pancakes for breakfast and recounting when he met Luke Skywalker. NG wasn't impressed by this, seeing as he had served as a medical droid previously and helped patch him up. Did you know Luke's hand is only a version 2?

Monday, 1 February 2016

Can we take off with a forest inside the engine?

After missing a couple of weeks' gaming (one planned, one very much unplanned) we were back on Gerrenthum, disposing of a dead Stormtrooper by staging a hoverbike crash. There was some commotion at a nearby base, which ended in Rhan, not terribly closely followed by Nole, running up a mountain trying to help a fellow Rebel out by killing Stormtroopers. Konvoru helped by firing the ships guns at a group of Stormtroopers ... causing a crater, which launched assorted bits of woodland into the ship's engine. NG was not well pleased ...

Doc fixed up all the injured parties, and it turned out the guy fleeing the Men in White were the person we were supposed to have met with previous session. He took us to a nearby fallback base and introduced us to the handful of Rebels on site.

NG set to work on fixing things that needed fixing, Konvoru helped herself to the local flora (flower arrangement is very important), and Nole learned how to drive a hoverbike because it had a massive gun on it and he wanted one of those. Rhan was not very pleased when all of the Rebel's munitions stash had been brough aboard the ship "for safe-keeping in case we need to evacuate very quickly". Doc had the more sensible idea to install some med pods for later.

Planning of what we're actually supposed to do, mission-wise, ensued ...

Courtesy of Monday 25 January 2016's Fantasy Flight Star Wars roleplaying session at Chimera.

Star Wars Roleplaying Game

“The Three Peak Challenge is more of a minor peak and two steep hills.”

“Go back to where you came from and take your weird culture with you!”
“What, Birmingham?”

Player 1: “One day I’m going to meet a Scandinavian …”
Player 2 (looking at the two Swedes at the table): “‘One day’?”

“Aren’t Swedish politics currently aligned with Donald Trump?”
“No, Hitler.”

Player: “I’m just relying on the game master.”
GM: “I wouldn’t do that.”

“We want all the XP now. Up front.”

“Many Bothans died giving us this information. They didn’t have to, we just hate them.”

“I’m gonna google ‘words without vowels’. There must be at least a couple.”

“It’s in 45 minutes. Let’s see if we remember.”

“Every day is a rainy day on Kashyyyk.”

“I want a mangled corpse, that’s all I care about.”

(after explaining what the dice symbols are called)
“It’s okay, you won’t remember in three minutes.”

“Anyone else have a bad feeling about this? – It’s Star Wars, I have to say it. It’s the law.”

Player: “Please tell me the contact wasn’t dressed like a Stormtrooper.”
GM: “Inside, I’m going ‘DAMN!’”

Doc: “There’s no response.”
Konvoru: “Did you turn it on?”

Nole (shooting a Stormtrooper): “Take that, you white plastic bastard!”

“There’s a forest in your engine!”

Konvoru (shooting with the ship’s guns): “A contingency of Stormtroopers has been dismantled!”

Doc: “I’ll stab you with something else.”
Nole: “Hopefully not a knife.”

“Can we take off with a forest inside the engine?”

NG: “All I wanted was a simple mission.”
Rhan: “Fix now, complain later.”

Player 1: “What’s your character’s name?”
Player 2: “Nole.”
GM: “Just think of Noel Edmunds.”

(Humming LotR theme) “Wrong franchise. They’re taking the Hobbits to the Death Star?”

“We didn’t shoot down the tie fighters, we eviscerated them with lasers. Or to use a keyword from earlier: we dismantled them.”

GM: “Shhh!”
Player: “I’m having too much fun.”

“We are terrible people.”
“No, we’re the only good people.”

Doc: “What’s that?”
Konvoru: “It’s a charging port.”
Doc: “What’s it for?”
Konvoru: “Charging things.”

(Nole has just finished loading the big guns on the ship)
GM: “That’s it for the big guns.”
Player: “You shouldn’t have said that.”
Nole: “There are small guns?”
GM: “Yes. Do you want them?”
Nole: “GUNS!!!”

Nole: “In case we need to leave at a moment’s notice, all their guns are packed. I might not tell them where I’ve hidden them all …”

NG: “The illegal weaponry has been dealt with appropriately.”
Nole: “What does that even mean?!”

“He’s called Nogger? Like the ice cream? – Well, at least one person got that.”

Konvoru: “Flower arranging is very important.”
Nole: “HOW is flower arranging important to the Rebel Alliance?! They’re not guns!”

Konvoru: “I’m so power playing this. No one will beat me on flower arrangement!”

And hopefully now we're all back on a regular schedule again.

Monday, 11 January 2016

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away from taste and decency

We're starting off the new year with some Fantasy Flight Star Wars roleplaying, because let's face it, who isn't in the mood for some Star Wars shenanigans these days? Or as the GM put it (cue theme tune):

It is a time of chaos. In the
months following Emperor
Palpatine's death, IMPERIAL
begun forging an IRON
BLOCKADE around the Anoat
sector, preventing its planets
from learning of the Emperor's

Desperation and rebellion
grow in the shadows of the
blockade. The people, turn
to local crime bosses for the
goods they need to survive.

Word has been sent to the
fledgling NEW REPUBLIC, who
even now assemble a strike
team to liberate the Sector....

(If the mental image of that doesn't give you goosebumps, then something's clearly wrong with you.)

Guess who the strike team are? That's right - us!
  • 3N-G1: an IG model droid and the ship's engineer/mechanic
  • Karl "Doc" Smythe-Williams: A Mon Calamari medic
  • Konvoru: A Twi'lek explorer/scout with a flower arranging obsession
  • Nole Gerran: A human mercenary with a gun obsession
  • Rhan Korne: A human soldier/commando
So from the scrolling text, we pan down ...

Monday, 7 December 2015

Let's be mean in game terms!

Because people are away next week and we finished this bit of Rifts last week, we decided to play some light boardgames, i.e. cardgames, namely Exploding Kittens followed by Cards Against Humanity.

Meanwhile, we tried to figure out what we want to do after the Christmas and New Year's break. It's looking like we're starting out by trying the Doctor Who roleplaying game, so that should be interesting. We're all going to be inept companions, no doubt ...

Monday, 30 November 2015

I can't kill my character, I'm the Chosen One

We were on our way to a town we were supposed to be investigating when Booker got distracted by some lights. Turned out that Hecate wasn't keen on him going there, but we ended up going anyway.

Encountered a Shemarrian, who informed us that reinforcements were coming and that we couldn't enter the town in question because humans are puny, even if they're the Chosen One. Gorbash went anyway. Alistair got fed up with the Shemarrian and went to a nearby nexus point.

The town was full of dead people. The Shemarrian wanted to add Booker to that pile, but Jayson intervened and she skidaddled. Apparently she had trouble seeing the Cyber-Knight and kind of thought Booker managed to stop bullets in the air.

The nexus point was full (oh well) of necromancers. Alistair called for backup, and we rushed to his aid. By this point, both Elyssia and Alistair had managed to get soul tag-alongs as well, and after getting rid of the necromancers, everyone except Booker was about to be sucked through a portal to Nxla.

Booker, now having come to terms with being the Chosen One, put his gun skills to good use and severed the soul links and thereby saved the rest of the party from being sucked through the portal.

This was not quite what the GM had in mind, and we ended up actually finishing this chapter of the adventure. Oops? We did it in an epic fashion, though, so points for that, surely. We set it up so nicely for the next season ...