Can "brainalyse" be the official word for hitting someone over the head?

After last week’s adventure concluded, a new one begun. Finn found an old friend’s necklace in a pawn shop and got a vision of her being killed by drug overdose by some people (rather than doing it herself). Finn wanted to sober up for the first time in his life and went off with Jack to use some very strange methods of intimidation on the pawn shop owner, like … actually paying for stuff.

Meanwhile, Set did some actual police work, and Alysiana used her own methods of investigation … Although it was more non-stop rumpy-pumpy by the sounds of it. Flora was suddenly glad she had decided not to go with her after all.

And then there was the spontaneous singing, where we joined in with the neighbouring table singing The Hero of Canton

Courtesy of the last night's 2nd Edition Changeling: The Dreaming adventure at Chimera.

GM: “I’ve set this two weeks after the previous events.”
Set: “Am I dead?”
GM: “No. It’s been disturbingly quiet.”

““Except currently if you’re 4 on the Batman Scale, then you’re Robin. Get the tights. And the short shorts! SHORT shorts! RIGHT NOW!”

“OH GOD!” (pause) “…I just wanted to yell that.”

“One drink won’t hurt you. Two might. Three definitely.”

“Normal people just drive a minibus, not a limo.”
“Minibus?! What do you think I am?!”
“I said NORMAL people.”

Alysiana: “The distraction currently involves Stamina/Performance. Don’t go there.”

Alysiana: ““It’s Friday, it’s a day off, I’m enjoying myself … in a certain tunnel area. It’s a nice hotel.”
Player: “Okay, you’re thinking of a different tunnel to the tunnel I’m thinking of.”
Alysiana: “Almost certainly.”

Jack: “Do you have his phone number?”
Finn: “Why would I have his phone number? I didn’t have a phone until you gave me one.”
Jack: “Do you or Ronke have a Facebook profile?”
Finn: “A WHAT now?!”
Jack: “Have you got a fan society or something like that?”
Finn: “He has an ADDRESS; will that help?”

(Jack is talking Ronke the Troll about being worried about Finn)
Ronke: “Just pour him a drink, he’ll be fine.”
Jack: “He doesn’t want a drink. Like I said – a cause for concern.”

Set: “What shop was it? Can you remember, Finn?”
Finn (to GM) “Can I?”

“That’ll be awkward on Monday. Spending three hours trying to find out who beat up the pawnbroker, only to find out it was us.”

“This isn’t escapist enough!”
“It’s too real!”
“Abort, abort! …Oh God, THAT’S too real!”

“It wouldn’t be a proper session without a faceplant.”

“How are you with breakin’ and enterin’?”
“It’s a Troll. Breaking is the easy part. Entering is trickier.”

“We’re not re-enacting the urine tsunami, are we?”

“Is that Yo-yo-knickers? GET OVER HERE!”

“I thought ‘tunnel area’ was a euphemism.”

Alysiana: “I’ve never tried it before.”
Finn: “Let’s put that one in the ‘no’ column shall we?!”
(after Alysiana tried to enhance Finn’s emotions through magic)

“I’m reading it upside down. Must mean I’m sober.”

“NEVER bring up Red Dwarf with us here!”

Player 1: “He’s selling things to a pawn shop – he’s not exactly going to be Alan Sugar, is he? …Or, he could be.”
Player 2: “Wait, are we fighting Alan Sugar now?”
GM: “Maybe next week.”

“His mono-frown did get in the way.”

Set: “I think I’m starting to get a hang of this bending the rules business.”

“Ooh! Ooh! Does he know a guy who knows a guy?”
“He might know a man who knows a woman who knows a man.”

Alysiana: “I’m not a vengeful lady.”
Rest of the party: “WHAT?!”
Player 1: “You’re like MADAM Vengeance!”
Alysiana: “Silence! I kill you!”
Player 1: “There are JAPANESE MOVIE HEROES that are less vengeful than you! You wake up in the morning and you go, ‘You know what I’d like to do today? Snake vengeance on someone! That guy gave me a parking ticket, I’ll stab him!’ ”
Player 2: “…‘With my pure, white vengeance!’ ”

Finn: “I’m not committing any cr… Are we speeding?”
GM: “No.”
Finn: “Then I’m not committing a crime at the moment.”

GM: “He’s in transit between crimes at the moment. He hasn’t committed a crime for … an hour forty.”

“Can ‘brainalyse’ be the official word for hitting someone over the head?”

“I made a dice hat.” (shows neatly arranged D10s to party)

“Stop looking at me all creepily. I already told you I’m the Ghost of Christmas Past!”

“You gave HIM a mental breakdown; you’re a FRIEND!”
“Mine was unplanned! His was intentional!”

“I had a moral compass once, but I dropped it in me drink and it never worked the same again. Now it just points to booze.”

“That’s a stupid idea; I must not be drunk enough.”

Set: “Any reports of burglaries recently?”
GM: “Loads; it’s Nottingham.”

Finn: “Can we see the Count’s daughter?”
NPC: “No.”
Finn: “Do you know who I am?”
NPC: “Yes, that’s why you can’t see her!”

“What’s your Etiquette, zero?”

“You’re going back to Wollaton Hall? The crib?”
“Don’t EVER call it that again.”

“I probably AM the guy from the Pogues, actually.”
“He wouldn’t have Stamina/Performance of 8.”
“Or Appearance 4.”
“Minus 4, maybe.”

“You went down the worst possible path there; well done.”

“Finn had an experience yesterday … when he was touching an item in a pawn shop.”
“Finn’s had many experiences when he’s been touching stuff to do with porn!”

Set: “I can’t just show up in jeans and t-shirt and whip out a badge.”
Finn: “It works for me. No, wait, I normally get arrested.”
Set: “That would be your penis, Finn.”

“Can I move further up the Batman Scale now?”

“Did you get her address?”
“Sorry, all I heard was, ‘did you get into a dress’.”

“So when will I make a bat cave under Wollaton Hall?”
“Soon. Can I be a drunken butler?”

“Good catch!”
“I HAVE had enough caffeine in me tonight!”

“Hour 19?! How is your pelvis still intact?”

GM: “Venison?”
Jack: “Well, it IS Saturday …”
Alysiana: “I’ll just have a salad. I’ve had enough meat for one day.”

“It’s Wollaton Hall, you could just poke a rifle out the window. BOOFF!! ‘I’ll take that one, please’!”
“What, like Schindler’s List?”

“I like Miss Marple, she’s a classy bird.”

“You’ll end up having sex with him, ‘cause you’re a girl.”
“It seems to be a recurring theme in Alysiana’s life.”

“Only a villain could think up the Rumpus Compass, that’s all I say.”

There will be more Changeling again next week. Thanks for stopping by!