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I have to lick … I mean, tend to his wounds

What happens off page stays off page

Running with Molotovs

Aberrations of evolution, as chosen by God

Finding Axcalibur with a d10 frag grenade

Football is the answer to everything, including cake

Are we doing one dead body a day now?

We don't need no edumacation!

Let’s get ready to fumble!

Can I take your Sanity?

Harry Dresden and the Coffee of Intimidation

How to make friends and alienate creatures

Every evil wizard has to start somewhere

Everyone back away, it’s Miss Marple!

Stop that, it's Scilly

Oh dear, we haven’t even started playing

Play it again until I kill someone!

Don’t worry, it’s only the end of the world!

Why does this CD rack have 'Made in R'lyeh' on it?

This would make a great PowerPoint presentation

It's only paranoia if you're playing Delta Green

Is Mansions of Madness like Cluedo for Satanists?

Will the real Harry Potter please stand up?

Gitmo's got nothing on Nebraska

Reneesme is obviously a runaway, sparkly vampire pig

Killing zombies with cake - possibly

The long, generic twilight of the BookWorld

Dances with zombies?

50 Shades of Enid Blyton

Tearing monsters a new bottom

Murder on t' winding, windy moors

Is sugarcane flammable?

We're the very best at being BAD guys

Son of a gun, we'll have some MORTAL PERIL on the Bayou

Method acting on the Jeremy Kyle show

Some of these things make more sense than others

Welcome to Louisiana Fried Rat, can I take your money?

We’ll make a dick of you yet, doctor

Roleplayers invent new measurement

Midwinter Murders is not IKEA

It's always Nyarlathotep

What's that coming out of the ground, is it a monster?

In Cthulhu, it’s death or nothing

Must be talking to the tinfoil hat

The real world would be proud

A Room with a View of Poo

Deadlands Noir, directed by Quentin Tarantino

An adventure triple bypass operation

Second-hand lockpicks, here we go!

Born to not investigate, not to survive

Don't fear the Reaper - fear us!

Welcome to Zombies'R'Us! We have guns!

Geek rage in the basement with a flashlight